Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29 Halloween Decorations

I know you must be tired of my complaining about the weather. So I'll try to stop. It is fall here in Chicago and the leaves are putting on their annual colorful show. Chrissy found time between her many trips across North America to put out our autumn / Halloween decorations. So on my way home tonight I figured I would take a few pictures of them for my blog. Well this is as close as I could get...why you might be asking yourself...well I'll tell you why...because I was standing under a tree...again you might still be asking I'll tell you as best as I can...BECAUSE IT WAS FUCKING RAINING AGAIN BUT THIS TIME IT WASN'T JUST A MISTY RAIN...IT WAS FUCKING POURING DOWN...NOW WE HAVE FLOOD WARNINGS FOR TOMORROW AND A CHANCE FOR 3-5 INCHES OF RAIN IN THE NEXT 36 HOURS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE BUILD ME AN ARK.

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  1. Thanks for taking this photo....even if its been raining to damn long. Think I was getting a case of home sickness (you'd think after 42 1/2 yrs I'd consider Cali home...naahhh). It did me good seeing the Fall leaves & Randolph St.
    Glad ya didn't get struck by a surprise lightening bolt while snapping pics under the tree. Auntie M