Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 29, 2017 The Climate March in Chicago

I am in Chicago today for the People's Climate March. As a member of the Sierra Club I am marching with my local group, the Sauk Calumet group.

We met at the Chicago Board of Trade plaza.

Over the next four hours I met so many friendly and interesting people who decided to spend a cold, rainy and windy day protesting what this country's leaders are doing to destroy the environment in the name of short term profits. They are marching to bring attention to causes they believe in like clean air and clean water. I want to thank everyone who marched in cities all over the country today. Here's the photos I took of everyday people trying to improve the world not just for themselves but for everyone. Of course they all came with posters pointing out what should be obvious to the leaders of this country.  

An early group shot of the Sauk Calumet Sierra Club.

It seemed appropriate to meet for a climate march next to a goddess statue representing agriculture.

Obviously the president, Agent Orange, took the most abuse which he definitely deserves for his cabinet appointments, executive orders, misinformed opinions and proposed dismantling of the EPA.

Our group just before walking over to the Federal Plaza for the starting point of the march. This march is a combination of many small groups and individuals who came together for a common cause. 
I walked around the Federal Plaza taking pictures as everyone gathered for the speeches.

Just in case you didn't bring a sign, several groups had one for you.

For the most part I tried to take pictures of the people with the signs. It really warmed my heart to talk to so many people that braved the bad weather to get their message seen or heard with a smile.

Of course I loved seeing so many young people taking a stand for the environment. Just because powerful rich old white men are trying to ruin their future for their own greed, the young people should continue to protest until they are the ones in charge.

This issue is close to where I live. It is part of Mike Pence's legacy as governor of Indiana. This avowed man of religion decided not to think What Would Jesus Do but instead decided to ignore the people of East Chicago who were affected by lead and arsenic contamination in the soil where they lived. Just like the Michigan governor who ignored the people of Flint. This is known as Environmental Injustice. The poor working class people get mistreated by their own government. This was another major issue this march was addressing.   

Please call Governor Rauner and tell him to finally get a budget and that it should fully fund environmental friendly sources of energy.

I love all the smiles in these pictures. 

This was a multi piece of moving protest art.

Support was very strong for the people affected by the Dakota Access pipeline.

There was also strong support for the polar bears which I am sure makes Christy happy.

Members of the Sauk Calumet group in the Federal Plaza.

A proud mom with her daughter.

We could use a great president like Teddy Roosevelt right now.

Are there really people that disagree with this?

Just before the speeches started.

I loved this t-shirt.

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." - Ansel Adams

It started to rain about now so I switched to a waterproof camera.

After the speakers were done, we began the march east on Adams then north on State Street.

Patrick with the Sauk Calumet group.

Lois & Patrick marching on State Street

I was amused that Bill Maher is performing at the Chicago Theater next week.

Dawn with the Sauk Calumet group

The march ended at the Heald Square Monument across the Chicago River from Trump Tower.

A great poster from a clever and talented young lady.

I just liked the juxtaposition of the Sierra Club banner against the skyscrapers of Chicago.

One of my favorite posters of the day.

There were many polar bear posters.

Who says environmentalists don't have a sense of humor? 

As the crowd dispersed, a group of drummers started playing...

...and the party began with everyone dancing in the rain...

...and strangers with a common cause celebrating with each other. A day later I am still smiling about how much I loved marching with these people. Sometimes I need to be reminded that there are diverse groups of people that can join together for a great cause and then have unbridled fun with each other on a city street with a cold rain falling. Thank you for letting me march with you.