Wednesday, May 24, 2017

April 6, 2017 The First Day of French Quarter Fest

It's a beautiful morning in New Orleans as we walk toward the French Quarter for the start of four days of wonderful music, great food and lots of alcohol.

Unfortunately every city I visit has these white ghost bikes.

This is not something I have ever seen.

Here we are on Bourbon Street waiting for the FQF Second Line Kickoff Parade.

Music is not a crime...I definitely agree.

The parade begins...

Dancing Man 504 showing how it is done.
Everything here is done with flair...

...and music.

A fun loving group of Brits marching in the parade.

The more brass bands the merrier.

My favorite band comprised of National Park Rangers.

Some heavy metal music

After the parade, we walked over to Jackson Square.

This might be the best sandwich I've ever eaten...

...Christy also loves it.

Johnny Sansone

Cargo ships on the mighty Mississippi.

Sounds good to me.

The New Birth Brass Band

The Whiskey Penguins

The Waylon Thibodeaux Band at the Cajun/Zydeco stage.

This was a giant street party on Decatur Street.

Dancing in the streets.

Yes it does.

Mia Borders 

Chubby Carrier and The Bayou Swamp Band

Cedric Watson and the Bijou Creole

There is always dancing at the Cajun/Zydeco stage.
We walked back to the Marigny on a picture perfect night...

...and had dinner in the outdoor courtyard at the New Feelings Cafe.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 5, 2017 The Best Way To Experience A City Is To Walk The Streets

While thinking about this blog title, I thought about how it came to be that I love walking on city streets. It must be from walking all over New York City as a kid with my Grandfather. He knew where we were going but I didn't. So every street was a new adventure to me. Many years later, Christy and I have done this in every city we have visited. We now jokingly call it wandering aimlessly. Today we are wandering aimlessly in a neighborhood that we have visited in the past. The Faubourg Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods of New Orleans are some of the most unique, colorful and interesting places I have ever visited. We were joined by my cousins, Laura, Katt, James and his girlfriend Holly. 

Not the usual graffiti found on industrial buildings. 

Chrissy & Katt enjoying a nice walk on a warm day.

Chrissy & Katt at the typical pet store and art supply store.

This is easily the most colorful city I have visited.

Poop bags in a fine art box.

Colorful and a sense of humor.

A bit more typical graffiti

I love that houses like this are on a street...

...with a house like this one.

My wonderfully dressed cousin Katt adding a little old school New Orleans flair to the neighborhood.

Again, love the sense of humor and artwork everywhere.

Inspirational quotes etched into the sidewalk for everyone to read.

Katt wanted to pose here unlike the other shots where I asked her to pose.

It seems to me that most people living in this neighborhood share the more progressive political views of peace, love and understanding.

Down home potato salad and a pulled pork sandwich at The Joint in Bywater.

Resting up after eating lunch

Another thing that attracts me to neighborhoods like this are the street markets.

Unfortunately this garden was not open today or is not open to the general public... I took a picture through the gate.

The Bywater Art Lofts

Another reason I enjoy wandering through neighborhoods is finding great local businesses. Since we have a small fridge in our little backyard cottage, we enjoyed baked goods from the Bywater Bakery for breakfast tomorrow.

I am not blind to the gentrification happening here but it warms my heart to see a new business spend extra money to tile their entrance in an old school style.

It's nice that the RTA posts where to text to find out when the next bus is coming because I didn't see one today.

I had to get my cousins to pose here...yes they are sisters.

Only Native Americans can't say that.

A beautiful neighborhood church...

...with 100 year old stained glass windows.

Interesting style of house in an area that has a lot of unique houses.

I do love all the neighborhood bars and restaurants here.

This is a very big issue in New Orleans especially in Marigny and Bywater.

We took the Rampart Streetcar to the French Quarter.

Another unique aspect of this city.

Houses decorated for Easter

We saw these koi painted on the sidewalks all over town

While Chrissy bought a daiquiri, I tried to win $500 dollars

I love old signs painted on buildings.

The only reason I took pictures of this block is because it is the closest thing I've seen here to a NYC street.

The reason we came to New Orleans this time. The festival starts tomorrow.

This Italian Immigrant Statue seems appropriate nowadays. They were hated when they came here but managed to assimilate just fine in a few generations. Just imagine if they were forbidden to enter this country. For one thing, I wouldn't be here now.

We walked along the Riverwalk toward the CBD where we had an amazing dinner at Cochon.

Then we walked back through the CBD when we heard live music and stopped at Lafayette Square for the Wednesday at the Square concert with George Porter Jr & Runnin' Pardners.

We walked by Touchdown Jesus on our way to Lafitte's...

...for a nightcap voodoo daiquiri. Then we walked back to our little cottage. It may not be for everyone but I enjoyed our day walking all over New Orleans.