Sunday, July 10, 2022

June 22-29, 2022 Things I Saw in NYC

June 22nd

Pizza at Andrew's Pizzeria in Queens

I could eat here every day of the week and have something different every day.

The best Veal Cutlets in NYC and a Tortellini Salad at my Aunt Maryann's house in Queens. I could eat here every day of the week and have something delicious every day.

June 23rd

Masked bandits on their way to Coney Island on the F train in Brooklyn.

Coney Island in Brooklyn

The reason we came to Coney Island. This rollercoaster is 95 years old and still ranks as one of the best in the world. It's my sentimental favorite.

The famous Riegelmann Boardwalk in Coney Island.
My grandfather took us here every time we visited in the summer. This food stand used to be Gregory & Paul's. I guess Gregory didn't have any kids.

Coney Island looks much better now than when I was a kid. I loved it back then even if it was falling apart and pretty fucking dangerous. But my grandfather remembered when it was one of the most famous beachfront amusement parks in the world. He passed his fond memories and love of this place on to me.

This is not the original Nathan's. So we didn't eat here. I understand why they opened this one on the boardwalk, but I prefer the original location at Surf and Stillwell Avenues me a purist or an idiot...I don't care.

The oldest Bar & Grill on the Boardwalk in Coney Island. In 2010 I was part of a group of photographers that spent a week taking photographs of Coney Island. We met at this bar every day and hung out with the colorful locals. I met some wonderful people and had a lot of fun that week.

This strange lady has been following me around NYC for over 37 years. 
This is the new pier that was built after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the old one in 2012.

The Parachute Jump in Coney Island
Unfortunately, I never got a chance to ride this because it closed the year I was born when Steeplechase Park closed. I would love to be dropped 250 feet while strapped into a small canvas seat. 

The view of the beach from the pier.

Someone put speakers on the Parachute Jump and you can hear the music out here on the pier.

The old Childs Restaurant Building was rehabbed recently. It will be 100 years old in 2023.

This building on the boardwalk houses the famous B&B Carousell.

This beautifully restored carousell was originally built in Coney Island... is 113 years old...

...and definitely worth every penny of the $3.00 it cost to ride.

Luna Park Coney Island NYC

Stillwell Avenue Coney Island NYC

Stillwell Ave Coney Island NYC
This mural was painted by Marie Roberts.

Time for lunch at the Original Nathan's Famous... has been here for 106 years. I have eaten here for the past 46 years. FYI my hot dog has mustard on it. The other person has strange eating habits.

1310 Surf Avenue Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The Eldorado Bumper Cars...

...on Surf Avenue. If you watched Mr. Robot, you've seen this place.

Coney Island USA  was started by a group of artists to preserve the Coney Island Amusement area. I've donated to this group for years. There have been some changes recently at CIUSA but I hope they continue to keep the real Coney Island alive. 

We stopped in to support them because I love organizations that understand the historical significance of great places like Coney Island.

The Side Show entrance to Coney Island USA with Marie Roberts' beautiful banners.

The Wonder Wheel still looking good at 102 years old.

The Cyclone entrance and instructions.

Only the people working here have changed, this roller coaster hasn't changed since I started riding it in the mid-1970s.

Two old-timers in the front seat riding for the second time today. This is still a great ride with an amazing first drop and lots of air time.

Hope to you again real soon.

The F train at West 8th and Surf Ave in Brooklyn. The subway has been very clean so far on this trip.

We had fun on the boardwalk at Coney Island today.

       June 24th
A mural at the Fresh Pond Road Subway station.

Corato's Pizzeria Ridgewood, Queens

Christy with a Lemon Ice on Fresh Pond Road in Queens.

Fresh Pond Road 
I love the huge produce stands in NYC.

Fresh Pond Rd & Madison St.
While working at a southside gas station recently, I was talking to the owner and he mentioned that he lived in NYC. 
Me: I lived in NYC too. 
Him: Where? 
Me: Queens
 Him: Which neighborhood?
 Me: Ridgewood 
Him: That's where I lived  
Me: I lived on Madison Street off of Fresh Pond road.
 Him: do you know the old bakery at Fresh Pond & Madison.
Me: yes
 Him: I bought that building. We have a deli and bagel shop there now. 
Me: do you know Corato's Pizzeria? 
Him: best pizza in NYC.
 It's a small world after all.

While walking back to my Aunt's neighborhood, Chrissy spotted this skateboard shop. We went in to check it out. A good 40 minutes later we left. A friend of the owner was watching the store and we had so much fun talking about skateboarding and surfing culture, music, t-shirt designs and NYC with him. I always correct people when they say New Yorkers are rude, they're very friendly. They just don't have time for stupid people.

Our day ended on the back stoop with the Monk and his friends.

June 25th
On our way to the Queens Night Market in Flushing Meadows Park, we missed our bus connection and decided to walk the 15 blocks up 108th Street. God was looking out for us because when I saw Corona Pizza at 52nd Avenue I knew what was across the street...

...Benfaremo - The Ice King of Corona. That's Christy above enjoying her ice and holding mine so I could take a picture.

When we got to Flushing Meadows Park, God took care of us again. There was a Mister Softee truck in the park. So we had to have a twist cone.

We finally made it to the Queens Night Market. We had some Jamaican Jerk Chicken, some Peruvian food, and Portuguese Pasteis de Nada.

June 26th

Andrews Pizzeria Middle Village, Queens 

Christy with her Italian Ice

On our way to Juniper Valley Park in my Aunt's neighborhood, we found a Mister Softee truck. A perfect treat for our walk through the park.

Juniper Valley Park Middle Village, Queens
It was a beautiful night for a walk in the park. A great way to end our day.
June 27th

Central Park Manhattan

Central Park Zoo Manhattan

A view of the residential towers built on the south end of Central Park.

The humidity in the penguin exhibit fogged up the glass, so I liked this mural as a replacement photo.

The Bar Room 117 E 60th St Manhattan
We had a tasty lunch here with an incredible Key Lime Pie slice for dessert.

Queens, NYC
My version of singing in the rain since it rained on & off all day long.

My Aunt's House in Queens
Another fantastic Italian dinner. I could do this 7 days a week.

June 28th

The Delacorte Clock in Central Park, Manhattan

Shakespeare in the Park

Live Jazz Music in Central Park

Sheep Meadow Central Park
We relaxed here and enjoyed the view and a pretzel.

We caught a downtown A train at Columbus Circle. This train was running the old R-46 subway cars that my father helped build at the Pullman Plant on Chicago's Southside in the 1970's.

The World Trade Center, Downtown Manhattan

Trinity Church, Downtown Manhattan

 Rector Street Subway Entrance

The SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park, Manhattan

My favorite Carousel ride.

It's like swimming with the fishes.

As the entire carousel turns, four different sections also rotate...

...and most of the fish also move up and down.

It's a trippy ride without drugs, it would be amazing on drugs as the fish change colors as they move around.

The music adds to my enjoyment of this ride.

If your are in NYC, go to Battery Park and ride this Carousel.

Two Oldtimers having fun on the SeaGlass Carousel.

Our Lady of the Rosary 7 State Street Manhattan, NY
I love how this brick church has lasted as everything around has grown skyward.

This Church of Saint Peter is New York's Oldest Catholic Parish. It has been on this corner for 230 years.

Walking through Battery Park toward the Hudson River.

Battery Park Downtown Manhattan

Christy walking in Battery Park 
Depending on which way you look, it can seem like you aren't in America's biggest city while in this park.

The Bowling Green Subway Station
This station still has its' original 1905 head house in Battery Park. I love this old station because I am a train geek and a history dork.

One World Trade Center as seen from Battery Park

Battery Park heading toward Wagner Park and the Hudson River.

The Battery Park City Esplanade on the Hudson River
We walked from Battery Park to Little Island along the river. It was a beautiful day in NYC. This is what we saw along the way.

Somewhere near Chambers Street, the Battery Park Esplanade ends. So we continued walking on the Hudson River Greenway.

We ate lunch here on Pier 26.

In the Meat Packing District, we stopped at Little Island. A new park on the Hudson River.

The views of NYC from Little Island

We decided to walk along the High Line after leaving Little Island to find some Italian Ice. 

Not only did we find Italian Ices, we also found this on the High Line.

We have to get back to Queens for dinner, so we left the High Line in Chelsea. Below is what we saw walking to the subway.

We left Manhattan at 14th Street and 8th Ave on the subway.

We took the L train to Myrtle & Wycoff in Brooklyn.
When we switched from the L to the M train, I found this building while waiting for the M train.

We stopped at Corato's Pizzeria to pick up dinner. We had some Italian Ice while we waited for our pizza and stromboli.

I carried this pizza box on the subway to Metropolitan Ave, then on the Q38 bus to my Aunt's House.

It was worth all the trouble.

June 29th

Old School Tile Subway Sign 

Mister Softee at Union Square in Manhattan

Union Square Greenmarket

Relaxing in Union Square

Off to Brooklyn

Another old tile sign in Manhattan

Interesting combination of items for sale.

Saint Mary Star of the Sea Brooklyn, NY
This is where Al Capone married his wife, Mae Coughlin.

Le Petit Cafe 502 Court Street, Brooklyn NY

A beautiful place to enjoy a meal.

Last year my cousin Michelle asked me'"If money was no object where would you live in NYC?"  I told her Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn. Below are just a few of the reasons why.

359 Court Street Brooklyn

357 Court Street Brooklyn

Pasticceria Monteleone
355 Court St Brooklyn, NY

more reasons why I need to live here

329 Court St Brooklyn, NY

Resurrection Ascension Roman Catholic Church
Queens, NY

See Below

My Presidential Message 

More fun at the beautifully rebuilt LaGuardia Airport

Christy joining in on the fun things to do while waiting for your delayed plane.

The sun setting over Manhattan and our visit to NYC.