Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 30, 2015 Goodbye To Roxie: Our Six Years With the Rox Lobster, Roxopotamus, Tyrannosaurus Rox & Our Lil' Rox & Roller

Our female dog Roxie passed away on June 30, 2015. She died suddenly and peacefully. She came to us in 2009 after her former owners got divorced. At the time we had two dogs already, Fluffy & Oslo. We took Roxie in with the plan of foster parenting her until she was adopted. This was the second dog we fostered and the second dog we decided to keep. We are not good foster parents. She's been gone almost two weeks and it's kind of funny that the things I miss about her are the things she did that annoyed me the most....her unbelievably loud snoring that kept me awake so many nights...the way she knocked her food bowl all over the kitchen....every single day. I also miss how she would jump on the bed and lay right next to me with her head on my chest...and she would stay there for as long as I kept petting soon as I stopped she got up and laid at the foot of the bed....and snored so fucking loud that I had to sleep in another room...somehow, I miss that. She loved to go for a car ride and she was always up for an adventure. But once she was tired, she would just head back to the car. You could drop her off back at the car and continue hiking without her...she didn't mind one bit....once the Queen was done...she was done. When we first got her, food started to go missing from the counters...since she was short and heavy....we blamed Oslo...eventually we realized it was Roxie...she was agile for her size...but if food was involved, we soon learned...Roxie could become possessed like Linda Blair in The Exorcist...she could turn her head 360 degrees to find food...she could levitate to reach the upper cabinets in the kitchen...she could open the refrigerator door just by staring at it....that girl is the only one I know that loves food more than risked losing a finger if you handed her a doggie treat. I miss that girl so here is my tribute to her.
I highly recommend you play this video while looking at our photographic tribute to Roxy. 
The Arctic Adventurers....Chrissy, Oslo & Roxie at a frozen Lake Michigan

Dunbar Beach

Lakeview Beach

"Holy Shit, this is one tasty hoof!"

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Central Beach 

Roxie loved going to the beach

Best Friends Roxie & Oslo

The big adventures were usually in the fall & winter.

Animal abuse...someone call PETA.

I think she makes it work with this pose.

Roxie would allow me to use her as a pillow....Oslo would not.

Two friends enjoying a stroll on the beach

Crossing the Dunes at Marquette Park

I must have seen this over a thousand times.

Roxie got around...a real Chicago socialite.

But she loved the snow...


Lord knows I saw this everyday...a little different depending on the season.

Chicago's 63rd St Beach

Roxie with my cousin Michelle at the Indiana Dunes State Park

Chrissy & Roxie on the beach

Excited on the way to an adventure...

....worn out on the way home.

Relaxing after a long day of fun in the Stink Dog Lodge.

Two old girls running down a sand dune at Indiana Dunes State Park.

The girls walking in the sand...

...and in the woods.

The Roxstar

These two were really good for each other.

Marcy & George walking Roxie & Oslo

In her later years, I let Rox walk off leash so she could keep her own pace.

Roxie was always looking back at me if I stopped too long to take pictures.

Eating snow to cool down.

They are just waiting on a take them somewhere.

Roxie was never called beautiful like Oslo was. But she had her this one.

It looks like a playful rumble is about to begin.

Walking on a frozen Wampum Lake...

...drinking from an ice fishing hole.

Chrissy's sled dogs...

....loving our blizzards.

North Creek Meadow

Jurgensen Woods

Roxie looking cute...

...with those big brown eyes through the fence.

Long Lake Trail at West Beach

time for an ice cold treat

Roxie & Chrissy racing down a frozen dune...

...Roxie wins.

A selfie with Roxie at Tolleston Dunes.

Roxie went a lot of places and always seemed to enjoy the adventures.

Fall colors at Chellberg Farm.

Twentyfive attempts to get both of them to look at me, this was the best one. Damn ungrateful dogs.

Roxie in front of fifteen feet of shelf ice.

Chellberg Farm at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

She's cute here, even with six inches of slobber.

Must have been a cold morning.

Roxie's habit of eating and snorting at the same time earned her the pig hat.

This must have been a big adventure day, Fluff, Roxie and Oslo against the door.

I told you I saw this almost every day.

Who needs a heater with blankets like this?

Roxie's last trip to the beach, a beautiful night for October, unfortunately it was June but we still loved watching the sun set with our dogs.

Since she died three days later, we were so glad we decided to head out to the Dunes this night.

It meant  so much to us that she got to enjoy an amazing last trip to the beach.

She slept on Chrissy's leg as we watched the sun set.

It was a perfect night out for all of us.

Michelle & Roxie...

...enjoying the beach.

Roxie would usually move if I stopped petting her...

...this time she stayed.

My sled dog team...Roxie, Fluff & Oslo at Marquette Park.

When we got Roxie, Fluff was about 11 years old and Oslo was 3 years old. He respected Fluff and would not rough house with her. So Roxie & Oslo would have these playful knock down drag out fights just to entertain themselves. We had to get out of the way, They would chase each other throughout the house, moving furniture, knocking over looks vicious but they were just playing. If Chrissy saw it starting she would yell for them to get outside...where it continued.

C'mon old man...why are you so slow?

Marquette Park after a blizzard.

I took this from the Aquatorium.

Then Oslo & I ran down onto the beach as Roxie crossed over the dunes.

So happy I got this great shot.

 I love this one too.

Rox struggling in the deep snow...

...then enjoying herself in the deep snow.

Always worried about me falling behind.

Eating the ice. This was a trick Oslo showed her. He would jump on ice to break it, then eat it.

Roxie loved her treats. You would lose a hand if you tried to take that from her.

Another beautiful sunset shot at Lakeview Beach.

If Oslo got tired of play fighting, he would jump onto the picnic table so roxie couldn't get him.

The chase begins...

...and always ends as best of friends.

This is how it starts...

...let the fun begin.

Another big snow storm...we had to shovel along the fence so they could not jump over.

This was a typical Roxie move...

...bury her face to eat fresh snow.

Then chase Oslo around the yard.

Oslo taught Fluff & Roxie how to enjoy going into the water.

"Oh no, there goes Tokyo...Roxzilla"

Tongues hanging low...must have been a hot day.

Kankakee River State Park

Starved Rock State Park

Buffalo Rock State Park

Hippie Rox

Wampum Lake
We loved our time with you Roxie. Goodbye sweet girl. We love you and miss you. Thanks for all these great memories. I hope every one of these days were the best day of your life.