Monday, May 28, 2012

May 3, 2012 Tasty Tourists, Beautiful Freaks, Music Everywhere on Frenchmen Street

I started my day at the Audubon Zoo. The zoo surprised me with how beautiful the park is, impressed me with the exhibits and made me laugh with a few of the signs. Here's my day at the zoo.

After seeing the elephant statues in the fountain, I got up close & personal with a real elephant.
This sign at the leopard yard make me laugh out loud. This city has a great sense of humor. The zoo t-shirt I bought has an alligator on it saying "send more tourists, the last ones were tasty".
Hurricane Katrina caused a lot of damage to the park but some beautiful old trees survived.

This sign made the tree hugger in me smile. Then I thought that a city that loves music as much as this one would use musical references at it's zoo. 

The Louisiana Swamp exhibit was very cool unlike the temperature today. It had to be 90 degrees with 90% humidity... was so hot that I thought this bear was dead...then I saw it move it's mouth ever so slighty.

This guy was so close to the boardwalk it was a little scary to walk by...
...but not nearly as scary as the swamp monster which was around a corner in a building. I saw some parents laughing at their little kids when they screamed as they saw the monster. It reminded me of my childhood and how my parents treated me.

It was exciting to be this close to such beautiful animals.

The Mayan Ruins in the South America exhibit were very well done. The sign says "The Gods will be very angry if climb on the ruins".

I guess this restaurant is temporarily closed.
After I got directions to the exit from this lizard, I drove back to the French Quarter along St. Charles Avenue through the Garden District which is lined with beautiful houses.

Back in the French Quarter
It was about 4pm, so everyone was showing up for work...
...or trying to relax in the shade.

The musicians are always playing in this city.

I picked my brother up after work. We had dinner at Oceana then Hurricanes at The Bar at Pat O'Brien's. On our way to Frenchmen's Street, we picked up voodoo daquiri's somewhere along the way. I wasn't exactly sure where Frenchmen Street was but once we stumbled upon it...I was in heaven...bars with live music...restaurants open past midight...street vendors and artists selling their work...and street performers everywhere. I love neighborhoods like this.

 Jeff checking out the band pictured below.

 Some pictures taken over several hours on Frenchmen Street. Trust me, it wasn't the drinks that had me feeling so good, it was walking through a neighborhood full of everything that is good in my world. Musicians, artists and people just wanting to enjoy it all for a few hours. What a great way to spend a Bob Marley once sang, "Positive Vibrations". I stole this term from an old Coney Island t-shirt and I use it with the utmost respect..."The Beautiful Freaks Come Out At Night". I am proud to be among them. 

 We bought some hand made soap from her...
 ...and a painting of The Spotted Cat from the artist on the right. I always try to show some love to the artists.

Reggae music at Cafe Negril

The packed Spotted Cat

The Royal Street Gum Scrapers

 As we walked by BMC, the Young Fellows Brass band sounded so good...we snuck in through the back of the bar because you couldn't get through the crowd through the front door.

A chess game after midnight...the reasons to love New Orleans just keeping piling up...

....I most definitely will.