Sunday, December 30, 2018

November 27, 2018 Lincoln Park Night Market and Zoo Lights

Chrissy & I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo Night Market and Zoo Lights Festival tonight. We did some Christmas shopping at the talented artisans booths set up inside and outside. But the truth about this night is all about my never ending desire to take a break from pretending to be an adult. So I spent this night running around the zoo like a child with a credit card and a really good camera. Oh hell yes...I had a wonderful time. Christmas music was playing, it was damn cold out and I was toasty warm and full of childlike wonder as I enjoyed the zoo lights and seeing all the animals. I didn't even care that almost all of them were sleeping. I was happy to see them so relaxed. This is the type of night that keeps me sane...nothing else matters except having fun and enjoying a night out in the city with not a care in the world about anything outside of  Lincoln Park Zoo. Hope you enjoy the photo tour as much as I did.

Our friends Brian & Bridgette selling their photographs to help animals.

This was a bit creepy.

Like I wrote earlier in this blog. I love being a kid. I have a life long love of carousels. I walked by earlier and took pictures but I was waiting for Chrissy to meet me at the exit and saw the carousel was still open. So I decided to ride it. It was barely 20 degrees by 9:30 tonight. Straddling the bear I was on for about 6 minutes froze my nether regions for the next two hours. Now I know why most carousels are only open in the summertime.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to whoever reads this goofy blog.