Saturday, April 28, 2018

April 28, 2018 A Short Hike at Carlson Oxbow Park

So how did I end up here on a chilly 40 degree morning with so much work to be done at home?

It started with this look when I got out of the shower...

...then this look while eating breakfast...

...then they gave me the double dog look.

And that is how we ended up here.

Another lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds day but a cold north breeze off the lake made me put on a winter hat for this hike.

The first part of this hike is on a boardwalk over the wetlands.

Nothing but wagging tails...

...and really tall marsh grass surrounding me.

After the boardwalk is the dirt trail that is on raised land between the different sections of the lagoon.

There were lots of noisy geese on the lagoon. A couple pairs of geese had several goslings with them.

Walking south with the wind at my back so it felt warmer here.

This park is great for a quick getaway from the world but it is just south of I-80/94 and has new commercial development along the west side.

But the sounds of nature, mostly birds this morning, can be heard even with the constant hum of traffic on the Borman Expressway.

The geese floated out into the lake with about 10 goslings and after we passed by, they brought them back to this area.

Looking west on the Little Calumet River.

Looking east on the Little Calumet River

Nola stands on guard...

...while Oslo and I relax on the raised dock overlooking the Little Calumet River. There were a bunch of colorful birds zig zagging around us and then down to the water. They were fun to watch but too quick to get a good photograph.

My goofy hiking buddies...

...heading back to the car.

If you need a quick break from the hectic world surrounding this park, stop in and take a walk here. It's very relaxing just sitting on the boardwalk, the benches or the docks and just watch the natural world go by. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

April 27, 2018 Hiking Through a Prairie at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park

I found this place while using Google Maps to find somewhere new to hike with my dogs. This is the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governor's State University in University Park, Illinois. There are over two dozen outdoor art sculptures on 100+ acres of prairie landscape on the campus here. So here's what me and the dogs saw today.

Illinois Landscape No.5 by John Henry

Maquette for Oscar's Inclination by Michael Dunbar

Untitled by Joel Shapiro

Falling Meteor by Jerry Peart

Oslo was mad because I wouldn't let him pee on any of the art work.

This is a nice walk around a couple of lakes and through prairies.

Frame by Richard Rezac

Flying Saucer by Jene Highstein

Paul by Tony Tasset

This was a huge Paul Bunyan.

Nola seemed afraid of Paul Bunyan. I think because it looked like a human, because she wasn't afraid of the other big sculptures.

Sisyphus' Aviary 1984 by Dan Yarbrough

From a distance it looks like a giant in the farm field.

The grass paths between the art exhibits.

There wasn't a clear direction to walking the grounds here so I doubled back to the Flying Saucer to follow a path in another direction.

Phoenix 1968 by Edvins Strautmanis

Oslo enjoying his stroll among the sculptures.

It was barely 60 degrees but very little shade along this hike, so these two really needed a drink. 

I'm guessing this was built so you could get another angle to view Bodark Arc.

Bodark Arc by Martin Puryear

This chair isn't listed as a piece of art but it looks like it should be. This row of trees must provide a nice shaded tunnel in the summer time.

The Granary Project 2007-2010 by Dan Peterman

Oslo wanted to play in the farm field. There was an egret walking in the distance along the tree line.

What's Not by Chakaia Booker

Icarus 1975 by Charles Ginnever

Prairie Plants by Mother Nature

Yes! for Lady Day 1968-69 by Mark Di Suvero

Oslo decided to rest here so we all rested here.

Nola freaking out from the echo in this concrete house. So I kept saying her name different ways and laughing.

Oslo loved the cool concrete and the shade.

House Divided by Bruce Nauman

It was a beautiful day to stroll through a prairie filled with art. 

Oslo wanted to stay so Nola and I left him.

He eventually came out to look for us.

This was an enjoyable place to visit. I did not see all the sculptures so I will have to check this place out again.

Wind Waves 2010 by Yvonne Domenge on the left and Illinois Landscape No.5 on the right.