Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 8, 2012 The Inaugural Meeting Of The Adventure Club

It all started with a simple idea that Mike, pictured above, e-mailed to his friends and family.

"For those of you who haven't heard, Ian and I decided to do something cool every Saturday morning.  Basically, something to get you up and active instead of laying around watching Tom and Jerry.  It has been mountain biking for the last few weekends, basically to get me and Gregg ready for my Utah trip.  I missed last Saturday's ride because I was out of town, but heard it was a good time.

Sooo...  Today is already Thursday, and we haven't picked our adventure for the weekend.  I am going to the Sox game Saturday afternoon, so I have to be home by 1230ish.  I was thinking about going hiking in one of the forest preserves around here, or the sand dunes.  There are some good trails at the dunes, and it might be nice to get out on the beach for at least a little bit before it gets cold.  What do you guys think?  Maybe get down there at 830 and go to 1130ish?

Also, if theres anyone else who would be interested in joining, add them to the list, because I know I forgot people (me being a moron and all!).  And start recruiting, because the more the merrier.  If Saturdays dont usually work for you, or if you really like Tom and Jerry and don't have a dvr, send me an email and ill take you off the list."

 So here is the first group to accept Mike's offer for an adventure on Saturday mornings. Roxie, Oslo, Kira & Mike (pictured left to right) and me (not pictured) atop Mt. Holden at the Indiana Dunes State Park. It was a beautiful morning for a hike.
 I think Kira should be the mascot, she has a lot more energy than my dogs.
So after hiking up Trail #8 over Mt. Jackson (elev. 176') & Mt. Holden (elev. 184), then running down to the lake for a quick dip. We hiked back up Trail #4 to Trail #8 to Trail #7 back to the Nature Center. After giving the group a bowl of water, we hiked a portion of Trails #9 & #10. I think the group had a good time. The old dogs, Roxie & me, weren't as quick up the dunes as the rest of the group but a good time was had by all. If you are interested in joining us, contact me at Next weekend is still undecided but Sept 22 will be in Moab and Sept 29th with be at Zion National Park.