Sunday, February 10, 2013

September 30, 2012 My Last Day in Utah

 It's been a great week here in Utah but today is my last day. We decided to drive through Cedar Breaks National Monument on our way back to Sal Tlay Ka Siti...a little The Book Of Mormon humor for you. I never would have guessed this state has so much natural beauty. I can't wait to get back here and check out all the places we missed on this trip. 

 Here's Mike looking none the worse for wear after a week of outdoor living...'s me wondering if I can score some hardcore drugs in SLC before we get on the plane.

 Leaving a National Monument...
...entering a National Forest. This is an amazing state.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

September 29, 2012 Twelve Hours In Bryce Canyon National Park

It's been over four months since my Utah trip and I'm finally posting pictures from the last couple of days. All that procrastination has made me realize what an amazing day we had at Bryce Canyon National Park. We were here from 9am to 9pm. I've been lucky enough to have days like this many times in different parks here in America and Canada. Sometimes I think the only reason I take pictures is so when I look back at them, I'm reminded why I work so hard to pay for trips like this one. These pictures barely capture the beauty of Bryce Canyon. Places like this make a heathen like me believe in God. Bryce was definitely created by mysterious and powerful forces. It was protected by a small group of people who realized that beauty like this should remain for future generations. Unfortunately we are no longer blessed with politicians that have functioning human brains. The already underfunded National Park System faces huge budget cuts this year. So I am asking everyone to purchase a National Park pass. It is only $80. Here's the link to buy a pass or find a park near you  Even if you do not use it, it will help protect our lands. Once you have one you might decide to use it...all the better for you and our parks. OK, stepping off my soapbox now...We hiked, drove the park road, ate at the lodge and hiked some more. What a day. I have to admit I was completely exhausted by the time we left Bryce Canyon. But it was worth it.

 A farm across the street from the log cabin we stayed in last night.

I believe we started at Sunset Point.

Then we hiked down into the canyon on the Navajo Loop Trail...


      ...through Wall Street...

...across the canyon floor to the Queens Garden Trail...

...and back up to Sunrise Point...600 foot elevation change.


 Then we drove along the park road to the end at Rainbow and Yovimpa Points. We stopped at several places along the way.



 Then we hiked the short Bristlecone Loop Trail at the highest point in the park, 9115 feet.

 The views were incredible here.
 After lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge, we hiked one of the most amazing trails I've ever been on...
...the Fairyland Loop Trail...even though the elevation change is listed at 950 feet, that's 950 down into the canyon and 950 back up to the rim...the unbelievably scenic trail has plenty of ups & downs along the way...taking you into Fairyland and Campbell Canyons.




 The last part of the trail is along the Rim Trail back to the starting point.

 We stayed until long after sunset because the full moon beautifully lit up the canyon.

While I relaxed at Sunset Point...Mike hiked up to Inspiration Point as the sun set on our 12 hours in Bryce Canyon.