Tuesday, January 31, 2012

December 17, 2011 Christmas In NYC Part 3

As soon as I land in NYC, I feel different. This city has an energy that doesn't exist anywhere else I have ever been. I feel that anything is possible as soon as I am standing on a street in NYC. Today's blog is a perfect example of why I love this city. Chrissy & I started our day at Craft at the Canal, an artist fair in Gowanus. Then we headed to the Lower East Side to be part of the Vintage Subway Holiday Train Swing & Tea Party. The vintage trains run every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas and today a group of fun loving people take over the vintage train with a vintage swing dance party and a tea party. This year there were several bands playing on the trains and the 2nd Ave & the Queens Plaza platforms. No matter where you were bands were playing and people were dancing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and met many interesting people. But our day continued after this party. We headed across Manhattan to join an Occupy Wall Street demonstration at 6th Ave & Canal St. After that we visited the 9-11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site. Then we headed up to Queens for dinner with my family at London Lennie's. After dinner it was a late night subway ride across Brooklyn, where I had a chance to reflect on an incredible day. I thought to myself, a day like this is only possible in New York City. Here's the pictures from my day.

Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

9-11 Memorial @ WTC

 A quiet and empty Zuccotti Park across from the WTC site

A memorial outside the fire station across the street from the WTC site.