Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 27, 2017 St. John's Newfoundland

Our day started with the B&B having a full dining room but we were invited to join a couple from British Columbia at their table. They were about our age, have no kids, love their dogs and travel all over the world. Obviously we had nothing in common but we managed to have a wonderful conversation with them for over an hour. We started our day at the Signal Hill Visitor Center. It was a bit foggy.

The fog was worse further up Signal Hill at Cabot Tower. This is where Marconi received the first trans Atlantic wireless message. 

The best shot I got of the Cabot Tower.

Chrissy wanted to pose with the Newfie and the Labrador retriever.

Off to Logy Bay for a hike...

...but first a few pictures of the cliffs along the shoreline.

There was a misty fog/rain all morning long...

...but this was our one chance to hike this trail.

The fog was worse the further uphill we hiked.

There wasn't much of a view so this selfie will have to do.

We eventually decided to turn around...

...and hike back to the car and head back to St. John's for lunch.

But first, more pictures of the cliffs.

Then we detoured to Middle Cove Beach...

...and walked along a nice beach...

...with really high cliffs.

This shot was pretty much black and white originally so I processed as B&W.

The bartender at Erin's Pub (no kitchen) sent us to the Duke of Duckworth's for lunch. It was a good choice. 

The colorful downtown area of St. John's.

This reminded me of my Uncle Fred. He loved music just like I do. We supported one of the best record stores I've been in for quite a long time with a few local artist purchases and the Come From Away soundtrack.

We drove over to Quidi Vidi to hike up the other side of the Sugarloaf Trail. This time with an on and off rain storm.

The view down on Quidi Vidi.

Another scenic section of this trail.

Quite a view of another colorful section of St. John's.

Local fishermen cutting up today's haul from the ocean. When we walked through town later, smoke was pouring out the roof vent....smelled so good.

A small bog high up on the rocky hike.

I am getting pretty good taking a selfie with a Canon D6 and a 24-105mm lens.

We hiked up for awhile...

...then decided to go into Quidi Vidi for dinner.

Of course one last scenic shot of the cliffs.

A few pictures of an old school fishing village.

The brewery closed at 5:30p on Sunday. So no dinner here.

Back in St. John's walking to the Adelaide Oyster House for dinner. We highly recommend this raucous place for great music, amazing food and an incredibly fun wait staff,

Drinking like a local. This was really good.

As soon as I saw this bottle behind the bar, I knew our night was going to end with us toasting my recently departed Uncle Fred. This is what my we drank for years after eating my Aunt Maryann's incredible Italian dinners. I love the monk bottle and it will always remind me of my Uncle Fred. Raise a glass to him if you ever drink Frangelico as a night cap.