Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 8, 2015 The Love Bus, Yazoo Beer, The Peg Leg Porker, Layla's & Popcorn Sutton...Goodbye Nashville

Dan & I had breakfast at the only place we found open at 9am...the West End Cafe. On our walk back to the hotel we stumbled across ASCAP...the other huge music industry publisher. Hey, this shit is cool to a music geek like me.
After Dan headed back home, I once again decided to check out another neighborhood in Nashville. I headed up Division St. back into the neighborhood Dan & I were in last night. This area seems to border the gentrified section with the soon to be gentrified section. I pretty much just walked around taking pictures of things I found interesting...enjoy.

This colorful bus can be rented for your personal use.

I was in NYC during the 1970's...

...I love graffiti done by talented artists. 

Looking for some cool accessories...

...check out King Baby.

Too bad this place was closed. I am assuming it has good food because several people who saw me taking pictures told me "That is the best BBQ place in Nashville!"

Again too bad this place was closed. I might have missed my flight if all these places were open.

The following places are all in Cannery Row. These are 19th century food warehouses that are now used for dining, lodging and live entertainment. A perfect example of how to reuse history instead of destroying it. 

This seems to be a production company of artists, writers and producers.

Every city needs a music venue like this one. It was on the floor above the High Watt Club where we saw Kansas Bible Club perform last night.

This building houses all three of these spaces. 

It appears that I have entered downtown Nashville through the back door. Dan & I took the long way around to the High Watt last night. It is only about a 10 minute walk from the hockey arena.

This is the side entrance to First Baptist Church.

You may have noticed that I have tried to avoid this section of Broadway. Believe me, I love this area because there is live music just about all day long, there is plenty of food and of course all kinds of alcohol. That also means there are tons of tourists getting shit faced...again I have no problem with people drinking. I have a problem with people thinking it is OK to act like an asshole just because they are partying on Broadway in Nashville. There is a sports saying about scoring...doesn't matter which sport...a touchdown...a homerun...a basket...or a goal..."act like you've been there"...that is advice some people need when I will get down off my high horse...take off this cheap cowboy hat I bought to look like a local only to find out that no locals wear cowboy hats...and remove my new cowboy boots for the same reason. Now I can enter these establishments, have a beer, enjoy some music and have a good time.

I really liked this band. The singer on the left reminded of Ben Nichols of Lucero with his gravelly voice. They mixed country, rockabilly and old time rock n roll really well.
Almost all these bands play for tips and I was happy to see most people drop a few dollars in the bucket even if they stayed for a few minutes.

I ended my time in Nashville with lunch here. There were two guys playing guitar and singing songs. Both were really good and told interesting stories in between songs. I just looked it of the guys was Ben Mathis. Anyway that ends my trip to Nashville...I will definitely be back.

I saw this while flagging down a cab. I thought it was a good way to to end my trip...with Tennessee's Original Rebel Spirit...may it live on forever.

Here's a few cards I grabbed at the airport but never got around to check them out.