Sunday, May 17, 2020

February 29, 2020 It's a Beautiful Day to be a Beach Bum

It's been almost three months since we visited Hawaii. Three of the strangest months of my life thanks to a virus and our inept government. It makes a day like this one seem like it was spent in heaven. Here are some of the reasons I love this place. The only time we are indoors at our Air BnB is when we are sleeping. The living space is outside and the shower is outside. You can hear the roosters start crowing about 3am which is about the time I have to get up to pee. You can see the goats next door while taking a shower and it's only a 5-minute barefoot walk to the beach. So that's how my perfect day in paradise started.

8:18am Velzyland Beach North Shore, O'ahu

Christy & I walked from Velzyland Beach to Sunset Beach. This is what we saw along the way.

At Sunset Beach, we decided to have breakfast at Ted's Bakery. Tom & Laurie joined us for breakfast and we decided to drive along the North Shore to Hale'iwa.

10:54am Kawailoa Beach
We parked our car here and walked to Laniakea Beach.

11:04am Laniakea Beach 

This beach is known for the sea turtles that sun themselves here.

While Christy, Tom & Laurie looked for the sea turtles...

I walked along the beach.

Christy got a few shots of the seals that were playing near the beach. But no sea turtles were found on the beach.

I relaxed on the beach like Otis Redding...

....watching the tide come in...

...and watching the tide roll away.

12:33pm Kawailoa Beach 

12:59pm Hale'iwa 
We parked at the Hale'iwa Beach Park and walked into the town for lunch. I asked Christy to pose here but everyone thought it would be funnier if I posed with the angel wings. What made this extremely funny was the wet spot on my shirt and board shorts that makes it look like I pissed myself.

We walked around downtown Hale'wia ate lunch and shopped at a few local stores.

Then Laurie and I swam in the ocean at Hale'iwa Beach Park. 
We headed back to our place. Then Christy & I walked to the local beach to relax and watch the sunset.

5:23pm Velzyland Beach

Once again we saw the surfer dog waiting and watching for his owner to come back to the beach.

The clouds changed every few minutes. It was an incredible display by Mother Nature that lasted over an hour.

We headed back to our place. We started our day at the beach then ate breakfast outside at Ted's Bakery. So it seemed appropriate that everyone agreed to end the day at the beach and eat dinner outside at Ted's Bakery. After dinner, we hung out on our deck and enjoyed a perfect ending to a beautiful day in paradise.