Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 30 Why Does This Keep Happening?


The New York City Council approved Mayor Douchebag's plan for Coney Island. Even though the Mayor has been adamantly opposed to hotels or condos in the area zoned for amusement use only, his plan now downsizes the amusement area and allows for four 27 story hotel/condo buildings to be built along the beach. You can read about it here and here and here. I fully support rebuilding Coney Island, the right way. It is long past its glory days. I know that. I also believe that is also part of its charm. Over the last 60 years, beachfront amusement parks have disappeared almost to the point of extinction in the country. They have been 'upgraded' with hotels or residential buildings that allow only those people staying or living there access to the beach. The boardwalks are gone, the amusement rides are gone, families enjoying a day at the beach are gone. Sure some developer made tons of money but he destroyed something that everyone could enjoy. I am disappointed time and again by the American people who continually let the filthy rich and their government conspire against their best interests. The people who currently live in Coney Island deserve the infrastructure improvements the city has now promised with this development plan. But do not believe for a minute they will get to benefit from them. After years of neglecting the area, these improvements are only going to benefit the developers who will profit immensely (and donate huge sums of money to scumbag politicians) and the people who can afford to live there after the neighborhood is turned around. Those people are not the ones currently living in Coney Island. Yet some of them believe the politicians who say all this redevelopment money is being spent for them. Fucking idiots.

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