Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 26, 2011 Fluff's Big Adventure

Brownell Woods Forest Preserve, Thornton, IL

It was a big day for my favorite dog, Fluffy. The old girl has slowed down but refuses to 'walk toward the light'. I can not take Oslo & Roxy for a hike and leave her behind. As soon as I mention going for a ride, Fluff becomes 5 years younger, gets all excited and insists on coming along. She can't keep up with the other two, who I have on leashes. So I risk the fines and leave her off leash. When she falls too far behind, I tell Olso to wait for Fluff and he stops looks back and waits for her to catch up. The reason this was her big adventure is that we hiked for 2 hours and Fluff just kept walking with a big old dog smile on her face. After we got home, I didn't see Fluff for the next 8 hours. She slept the day away. But she'll be ready to go for a ride next time.

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