Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 12, 2011 Flogging Molly

Every year around St Patrick's Day, the Irish punk / folk band, Flogging Molly comes to town. They always draw a huge, energetic crowd. And every year I have trouble finding someone to go to the show with me. Everyone says they want to go but then it all falls apart. This year at the last minute, Cindy, the  flower girl at my wedding who is like my little sister said she would go. I mention this because she wasn't familiar with Flogging Molly's music. But she has that sense of adventure that few people have nowadays. We took the subway to Division Street and walked west while checking out the menus in the windows. We both agreed on the Argentinean place, Folklore. Interesting menu, lots of choices. The berenjena, an eggplant lasagna style appetizer was incredible. I enjoyed the El Filet, two filet mignons grilled with a red onion wine sauce served with spinach mashed potatoes. The rum drink, Caipirissima, was a good start to a night of drinking. I think Cindy had the ribeye steak but thought the meat was too tough. She also ordered it rare which looked uncooked to me but what do I know. Since Chicago's St. Patrick's Parade was earlier today, the crowd was pretty drunk upon arriving at the Congress Theater. We ended up pretty close to the stage for Flogging Molly who put on a great show. The drunk Irish and Irish wannabees sang along to all the songs and the band took a moment to say that while we are celebrating tonight don't forget about the devastation our Japanese brothers are experiencing and to be sure to lend a hand in any way possible. That brought a loud cheer from the crowd which made me feel good that people cared. I want to thank Cindy for going to the show with me and for always being willing to go to the city. I know Chrissy & I have been a small influence on her because we took her places when she was a little kid but tonight I was sure of two definite ways I influenced good, one bad. During dinner we were talking and she used the phrase, "go fuck yourself" about someone. Now where have I heard that before...oh I remember...I've used it most of my life because it was one of my mother's favorite phrases. On the good side, Cindy got all excited about a late night stop at Ricobenes for a sandwich before heading home... see not all my influences are bad.

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