Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 25, 2011 Paying Taxes & Saving My Country

St. John, IN

This is Don Bates. Donny & I have been friends since high school when we both carried out groceries at Burgers Supermarket in Dyer, Indiana. Since then Don went to college, became a CPA and started his own business and has a very nice desk job. I fucked off, became a pump technician and smell like diesel fuel most days. We don't get together much anymore except for the night Don does my tax returns. Yes, I have an accountant, sort of anyway.  This gives us a  reason to get together. Somehow in between catching up, making each other laugh and trying to solve the country's problems I do my civic duty of paying my taxes. This year we talked politics and the multitude of problems facing our country today. We both agreed to get together after tax season and begin an attempt to solve the issues that plague the country and us in particular. I'll keep you informed if we come up with some good solutions. Don's office provides many business and personal services. I've advocated supporting local businesses for years, so check out Donald E. Bates & Co.

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