Sunday, February 5, 2012

December 24, 2011 Christmas Eve at Cindy Lou's

 Before we head out to spend Christmas Eve at the recently rebuilt home of our flowergirl Cindy Lou...
 ...we gave the dogs a Christmas treat.
 Here's the main table at Cindy's house.
 Chrissy could wait any longer, so she started eating before everyone else.
 I decided to hang out with the kids...this is Susie's camera shy girl, Grace.
 I let the kids take pictures so here are a few of the better ones...Jimmy playing video games.
 Me wearing a Packers hat. This should dispel the nasty reputation I have for hating kids. I let the one that put this fucking hat on me live...that should count for something.
 Scottie clowning around.
 Grace suddenly less camera shy.
 Audrey clowning around for the camera.
 Here's Susie with one empty bottle, one full bottle and a margarita. Looks like her Christmas wishes already came true.
 After an amazing dinner cooked by Cindy, Mark and Eric (pictured here), Eric had to answer cooking questions from the rest of us. He never should have told us he was a chef.
 Scottie relaxing after the big meal.
 Here's our camera friendly hostess, Cindy Lou enjoying a glass of wine while her sister and sister-in-law are doing the dishes.
 The kids finally got all the adults into the living room so we could begin opening the gifts.
 Sure these two pictures are alike, I couldn't decide which one was better so I posted both of them.
 Simon relaxing with his new BFF, Bernie.
Audrey thanking her Aunt Cindy for her presents.

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