Friday, November 19, 2010

October 16 The Shower And The Damage Done

One of the greatest moments of my life occurred last night. After 6 days without a shower, I was sitting in my shower on a plastic bench that Chrissy's Great Aunt Ann gave us. I reached forward and turned on the water. I will never forget how incredible that water felt as it cascaded down my grunge covered damaged body. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity before I washed up. It felt so good, I washed a second time. I was in heaven until the bench started collapsing under my fat ass. As I sank lower and lower into the tub, I struggled to reach through the shower curtain, grab my crutches and pull myself out of the tub without slipping on the now soaking wet floor. WARNING! WARNING WILL ROBINSON! GRAPHIC PICTURES! DO NOT CONTINUE TO SCROLL DOWN UNLESS YOU CAN STAND THE SIGHT OF MY NAKED LEG!!!! THE SURGERY SCARS ARE PRETTY COOL BUT MY NAKED LEG IS DISTURBING TO MOST PEOPLE ESPECIALLY MY WIFE.

Here is where the artery was repaired. The staples go from my calf, across the back of my knee and up my thigh.
This is the bigger of the two faciotomy incisions. This was performed to relieve the pressure caused by compartment syndrome in my leg. The lower stapled incision is where the vein was removed and used to repair the artery.
Here's my fucked up leg. There is still swelling even with the faciotomy. We have to pack the wounds with gauze and wrap my leg twice a day. So that is what happened to me. Now I wait for these open wounds to close up and begin rehab as soon as possible.


  1. Damn.......and while eating ice cream, I scrolled from the bottom to the top reading your blog and then came the pics. Good grief..had to turn away from the pictures or I'd lose the ice cream. With that redesigned leg I hope you aren't expecting any hockey, bike riding or walking...other than like "Chester", is in your 2011 future either. 2010 is shot. Sure hope you can make it thru rehab without cuss'n out the physical therapist to much. Wishing You Well. Love, Auntie Marilyn
    PS Now that you ain't working...did the hair on the ass cheek start to grow back?


    I'll toast to you w/a bit of Milk of Magnesia
    Auntie Marilyn

  3. Marilyn, Chrissy is happy to report that I still have one hairless ass cheek. She says it must be from sliding on and off the couch.