Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 11 & 12, 2012 Centennial Park & Comiskey Park

This was a Dog Day Weekend.  No we didn't try to rob a bank to get money for Oslo's sex change operation. We spent Saturday afternoon at Munster's Centennial Park and Sunday morning near Comiskey Park at Armour Square Park. Of course I know it's Cellular Field, fuck that. Every Sox fan knows what it really should be named.

Here's Roxie on the bridge at Centennial Park waiting for Oslo to quit pissing on everything he walks by.

 Artwork along the path framing the clubhouse across the pond.
 Everyone my age knows this park was built on Mount Trashmore. That's what we called this old landfill when we were kids ditching school to sled on these snow covered hills.
 Here's Oslo howling along to the firetrucks passing us on Calumet Avenue.
 The setting sun made the strong winds feel even colder.
Here's the Rox lobster standing outside Comiskey Park after our walk through Armour Square Park on Sunday morning. Even Roxie knows it's gonna be a long season for the White Sox.

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