Saturday, November 2, 2019

November 2, 2019 Yeti's First Visit to Chicago

I took the dogs to Calumet Park this morning. It was Yeti's first trip to the big city of Chicago.

The sun kept popping in and out through the ominous dark clouds. 

Yeti has a bit too much guard dog in him. He barks at everyone that he sees. It's going to take some training to get him to relax.

Nola loves her time out hiking.

A picture of a scary tree since Halloween was a couple of days ago.

Time for a cold drink from Lake Michigan.

Yeti loves being in the water.

Calumet Park beach.
 I would say Winter is coming but since we got 3 inches of snow on Halloween and yesterday was the coldest first day of November in Chicago's recorded history...Winter is already here.

These two think it is a beautiful day for a hike.

I have loved big city parks for as long as I can remember. I'm sure it all started with my visits to Central Park in NYC as a kid.

The sun is trying to break through the clouds as we walked across the park with me trying to hold two dogs back as squirrels ran all over the park. That's why I walked them back to the squirrels.

The floating docks are decommissioned for the long winter season. The boat launches are still open.

Nola is slowly getting use to Yeti. 
Yeti seems right at home with his new family.
Yeti does love a good view.

Here is Yeti climbing down the rock break wall along the shoreline.

I loved the dramatic clouds and sunshine.

I was able to get a few good shots of these two together this morning.

We stayed long enough for the blue skies to break through the clouds to the north...

...but I am standing in the same spot as the photo above and this is the view to the south.

I can't visit Calumet Park with a stop at Calumet Fisheries. The smoker was fully loaded and I left with some fresh Garlic & Pepper smoked salmon. It's gonna be a sunny day after all.

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  1. Nola is a pro at thee hikea & loves them. Yeti is experiencing everything new so it has to have his senses going full speed ahead. Those skys speak cold & wintery weather for sure but the dogs don't mind one bit.