Tuesday, December 2, 2014

September 4, 2014 Our Dreary Day In Paradise

It is raining with heavy fog and very low clouds today. So no boats were going out. So we got to hang out at the lodge this morning and relax. Then we joined the owner's daughter Dana, who grew up here but now lives in Philadelphia, on a hike through the forest behind the lodge. We were joined by her friends, Leslie and Heidi...

...and Sadie tagged along too.

Dana & Heidi

Sadie playing fetch.

Leslie & Dana having fun with moss.

Here's a surprise...I am the one dragging behind.

I love the enchanted look of the forests on Afognak Island. It makes a little hike like this one so enjoyable. Plus Dana told stories about growing up here that were very interesting to me.

This is a guest at the lodge that had me laughing all week long. He has been here many times. Everyone calls him "Ski" but his name is Rinehard. He told great stories and jokes at dinner every night. While hiking back to the lodge, Dana saw a killer whale in the bay behind the lodge. So we headed to the dock and off we went.
Here's Sadie disappointed we took off in the other boat without her

Chrissy spotted an eagle along the way...

...our first and only orca on this trip...

...it circled around the bay looking for food.

I couldn't help taking a few scenery shots...

...in between seeing the killer whale surface near us.

We never saw much more than the dorsal fin but it was pretty cool to be so close to one. So we headed back to go kayaking and possibly get a little closer to a killer whale.
Dana took us out kayaking with her friends from Philly.

It seems strange but Chrissy & I have kayaked in Alaska more than anywhere else in the world including back home. We had the two person kayak.

Dana led the way but gave us time to explore along the shoreline.

I love floating along just above the water. It is so relaxing and gives you a different view of the surrounding area.

A kayaking selfie.

We saw lots of funky sea creatures along the rocks on the shore. 

Our cabin from sea level.

Back at the lodge I believe we had this guy for dinner last night and again for breakfast sausage this morning.

While relaxing on the deck, I had a deep conversation about world politics with these two gnomes.

Then we joined Dana for another hike to a beach.

It was raining but no one cared. It was a short hike but very enjoyable as the scenery changed often.

It is amazing how much stuff washes ashore up here.

I could have relaxed on this beach for hours but we were going to be late for dinner...

...and as incredible as it is to be hiking out here...dinner has been just as amazing at the lodge.

Dana told stories about skating on this pond as a child...that made me think about what it would be like to live here...this far away from everything...at this point in my life...it sounds perfect to me.

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