Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 28, 2014 Bones Jugs & Harmony (Concert #48)

I first heard of this band in an e-mail from concert promoter, Harmonica Dunn. I loved the videos I checked out including the one below.

The show tonight was at The Tonic Room a very small club on Halsted. Patty & I got there early and sat at the classic old bar. I've been to all kinds of shows this year...big outdoor festivals, dirty old shithole music venues, a bowling alley, beautiful theaters, local bars, a lakefront enjoying music while drinking beers with a good friend while sitting at the bar after a hectic week of work and Thanksgiving with the family was perfect. 

Eric Lambert did a solid set of songs as the opening act.
Bones Jugs N Harmony were fantastic. The members of the band switched instruments often. They also took turns on lead vocals. The varied mix of songs all sounded great. So did all the different sounds from all kinds of 'instruments'. Really how often do you hear a steel drum, kazoos, bones, a jug, bike horns and a xylophone in songs? Sound strange, yes. Does it work in their music? Yes, it sounds great.

While the bands played, I enjoyed the combination of music, beer and conversation while sitting at the bar with an old friend. It seems so hard to find time to just hang out with friends nowadays. I know I am to blame for not finding more time so it was great to hang out with Patty...and talk about music, life and the extremely cute bartender who had a girl next door cuteness that mixed well with her punk looking full arm sleeve tattoo.

In between sets by Bones Jugs N Harmony, Jaik Willis played his bluesy rock n roll with a bit of intensity for an acoustic guitar. I thought it was pretty cool that the headliners had both Jaik and Eric join them for several songs. I listen to recorded music every day...and I love having that available to me. But nights like this are why I drag my old tired ass out into Chicago's cold nights to see music being played live. It may not always sound perfect but it always feels authentic and heartfelt. 

It was Bones Jugs N Harmony's CD release party tonight. This was their merch case.

I am a big fan of music club's bathroom wall art.

 I did pick up their CD along with a few decals.

Their debut CD. If you love well played music that has an old time sound with modern attitude, you will enjoy this CD.

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