Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 11, 2011 Just Like That

Sweet Woods, Cook County Forest Preserve, Thornton, IL

This huge tree, that trunk is about 30" across, was cut down by the county. I came across this while riding the single track trails in Sweet Woods. They cleared out a huge area around a damaged sewer pipe that flows into Thorn Creek. So I figured they need to clear an area to get construction equipment into the woods. They did this a few years ago in order to clear the creek to prevent flooding. I bring it up now because there are very few big trees left in Sweet Woods. Many have fallen due to natural causes. There seems to be more this spring than in past years. It just seems that they could have spared this tree and cut smaller ones around it to make a path for the heavy equipment. Because it grew in the wrong location, this tree is now gone...just like that.

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