Saturday, January 8, 2011

December 11 Santa Claus is Coming...and He's Ready to Party

How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways. 
I love NYC for so many different reasons but the main one is that no matter how many times I visit, this city always amazes me. Chrissy & I started our day by heading to the Farmer's Market at Union Square.
We had to transfer to the 6 train at Bleeker St. which still has the old tile design on the tunnel walls. I couldn't resist taking a few shots while we waited for the train.
One of the great things about New York City is that it doesn't stop for tourists. Sure, tourists are everywhere but New Yorkers do not care. You are just slowing them down while they are living their lives. If you can understand that, I believe it will make your visit more pleasurable. In other words, just act like you belong here and you will be treated kindly. If you stand around gawking, they will knock you down and walk on your back to get where they need to go. Chrissy & I always try to act like locals no matter where we go, but we have perfected it in NYC. 

So while walking through the market, we buy some hot apple cinnamon cider and fresh handmade apple cider donuts...
...and we sit down on a park bench to eat our breakfast. Then Chrissy spots a group of Santa Claus's walking down Broadway and I spot this group of elves in the park.
They told me they were part of SantaCon, a group of people spreading Christmas cheer throughout the city today. I thought this sounded like fun. We head off to Greenwich Village to meet George & Marcy.
We had lunch at a diner in the Village, then did some shopping while enjoying a nice walk through one of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Marcy wanted have some gelato, so we stopped at Grom's for some really good gelato. This is where our typical day in NYC took a turn toward one of those unexpected NYC adventures.

It started with a few small groups of Santas, elves and reindeer. As we walked up Carmine St. to Sixth Ave, the Santas just kept coming... the time we met this group, who encouraged us to buy Santa outfits and join the party, we were surrounded by several hundred Santas...
New Yorkers know how to do Santa with style.

...and they kept pouring out of the West 4th Street subway station. There were Santas of every kind, everywhere. At the top of the subway stairs, Santa's helpers were handing out these Santa Takes The West Village sheets that had local businesses that supported the cause. What cause you might ask? The cause of spreading Christmas cheer. Believe me, this group had been partying all over the city since 9am. They were half in Santa's bag by the time we ran into them about 3pm. 
As the party spread throughout the Village, I lost Chrissy, George & Marcy in the Santa crowd. So I headed across 6th Ave toward Washington Square Park.

The crowd kept growing and got a little unruly, but the police seemed pretty cool with everything going on around them. It really was just a fun party that was happening in the streets. Typical of New Yorkers, those not involved just smiled and went about their business.
A Santa in hot red shorts now that's a Santa I can believe in.
 Here's a Santa I can relate with...having a slice on the run.
Some people posed for pictures with the SantaCon people. Even New Yorkers want a picture with the Gumby Santas.

The party began to spread throughout the Village. I had to find Chrissy somewhere in this crowd. I'm sure some Santas were asking her if she was naughty this year.

 I took this shot looking west on Fourth St. across Sixth Avenue.
 It was Santa red all the way to Christopher Street.
 Santas jumping rope on W. 4th St.
A couple of dreidels who told me they were there to represent.
We had to leave this party and head to Brooklyn for dinner. Then back to Manhattan to see a play. We came across yet another Santa as we walked down to the F train platform.
Hey, maybe this was the real Santa or just a Santa that was late for the invasion of the West Village.
Hey this is NYC, the fun never ends...after a fine Italian dinner at Luna Rosa in Brooklyn...we are in Times Square and off to see Million Dollar Quartet. It was pretty good. The actor/musicians did a good job with the music. 

 We walked from Times Square to Rockefeller Center and went to the Top Of The Rock. Where we saw a couple get engaged...not this couple, George & Marcy are already married...the bride to be called her mom and said "I think I just got engaged!" Her mom must have asked why do you think that because she yelled "because I have a big fucking ring on my finger!" Yet another reason to love NYC, the people are so damn entertaining.

We left Manhattan well after midnight but first Christy posed here with Andy Warhol. She is such a hipster.

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