Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb 7 Our Arctic Adventure

One of my favorite winter hikes is along the southern end of Lake Michigan. Today we hiked from the campgrounds over the dunes to the frozen shoreline at the Indiana Dunes State Park. The shelf ice extended about 200 feet out into the lake. It wasn't very solid except on the first 30 feet from the shore. We hiked along the beach for awhile. There were gaps in the shelf ice where loose ice was floating back and forth with the waves. The only sounds we heard were Fluffy & Oslo breaking through the ice to get a drink. The old girl, Fluffy not Chrissy, seemed more tired than usual. So I took Oslo & Roxy back to the car by mistakenly taking the wrong trail which took us up & down three high dunes. We picked up Chrissy & Fluff at the beach parking lot.

Chrissy & Roxy on the frozen tundra of the Indiana Dunes

The city of Chicago across the frozen lake

 Chrissy with Oslo & Roxy on the shelf ice

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