Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 17, 2016 The Brooklyn Bridge, WTC, Tribeca, Washington Square Park & The New York Philharmonic in Prospect Park

So we started our day in Brooklyn at Le Petit Cafe for breakfast. Then we walked to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. I was the slowest one because there was so much to photograph.

The Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building in the background.

Downtown Manhattan

I am posting both pictures so Tom & Laurie can tell me if they like either one.

Looking up the East River 

A tribute to an art teacher on the Brooklyn Bridge

Someone started this thing with the locks now everyone does it.

Yes it is!!!

I finally caught up with my group...

...but quickly fell behind because I stopped to photograph stupid shit like this...just to amuse myself.

There is quite a mix of new and old in these shots of downtown Manhattan.

The ear buds tied to the bridge are something new to me. They weren't here the last time I walked across this bridge.

My two favorite cities in America...NYC & New Orleans.

Downtown is growing taller.

The Manhattan Municipal Building

City Hall showing solidarity with Orlando shooting victims.

The City Hall Park fountain. 
New York City has so many little parks that offer relief from the hectic streets surrounding them.

We walked from the bridge to the World Trade Center. Then we walked uptown through Tribeca on Greenwich Street because I love the old buildings and cobblestone streets in this area.

Interesting and out of place residential building in the background. 

My friends hoping to spot Robert De Niro in Tribeca.

Some Coney Island love at this bar.

We had pizza for lunch at Famous Ben's on Spring Street. Then walked up Sullivan Street to Washington Square Park.

We listened to several bands, we people watched, we enjoyed the beautiful day, we changed plans and spent the entire afternoon relaxing in different areas of my favorite park.

I half jokingly said as we walked through the park, "How crazy is my day to day life that I have to come to NYC to relax?"

There really is a lot of great music in this park. My friend Fran called this park "Free Entertainment". After an amazing afternoon in the park, we headed back to Brooklyn and met up with Fran. 

Tom, Christy & Laurie on the stoop of The Inn on Second.

Tom, Christy, Fran & Laurie on Fran's stoop. She and her husband Joe run the Inn on Second. If you are traveling to NYC, I highly recommend staying here. We walked over to Park Slope and had dinner at the Malaysian restaurant Al Seabu. It was very good. Then we walked down to Prospect Park to see the New York Philharmonic perform a free concert in the park. Once again we stopped at a bar for a drink or two on our way back to Carroll Gardens. A nice relaxing day in's good to be home. 

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