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August 31, 2017 Hiking in Gros Morne National Park

We stopped at Martin's Point on our way to the Western Brook Pond boat tour because I love all types of roadside attractions. This one is a historical site. The remains of the S.S. Ethie are scattered across the beach here.

The captain intentionally ran her aground during a violent storm in December 1919. Everyone was rescued and this is what remains of the S.S. Ethie.

This boat tour starts with a 3km hike to Western Brook Pond.

Since this is Newfoundland, you hike past many bodies of water before you reach the body of water you wanted to visit. This lake was completely still.

It was a hazy overcast day for our boat tour through the glacier carved mountains around Western Brook Pond.

The steep cliffs surrounding the pond are 2,000 feet high.

There were several waterfalls visible high on the cliffs but this one was the only one we saw flowing into the pond.

These two were the only moose we saw during our two week trip. The reason this is strange is because the moose outnumber the people on this island. We saw lots of people.

More photos from our two hour boat ride.

This picture made me laugh because it looks like she just popped up out of the water.

We stopped for lunch after the Western Brook Pond hike and tour. I never could get an answer to this question? On the left is squid rings and fries, on the right is fish and chips. What is the difference between fries and chips?

Our afternoon adventure was a 10km hike to Bakers Brook Falls.

Along the trail there were informative signs about the flora and fauna in this area.

Throughout Newfoundland, the dedication and care these trails are given is amazing. Boardwalks are common over soft boggy grounds.

This fenced off area is to show what the forest would look like here if there were no moose.

The Upper section of Baker Brook Falls

The biggest section of Baker Brook Falls

The lower section of the falls

Even though we both admitted to being worn out...

...we decided to check out the lighthouse at Lobster Cove. Really how strenuous can walking around a lighthouse be? An artist was painting this view of Woody Cove.

There was a very nice exhibit inside the lighthouse...

...and incredible views along the trail around the lighthouse.

Of course we hiked this trail too.
We spotted this local along the trail.

This squirrel gave us a dirty look...we needed our guard dog Nola to protect us.

These wind swept tree tunnels are pretty common on the high cliffs in Newfoundland.

Chrissy took the stairs down the beach...

...and so did I. 
I decided to soak my feet in the ice cold water... felt so good that I relaxed on the rocks and literally just chilled. I dream of moments like this when the real world gets to me. This was my own private Idaho in Newfoundland.

I closed my eyes and drifted away for a few minutes...this was my view of the world when I woke up.

a refreshed selfie

Did somebody order a Chrissy on the rocks?

I wandered aimlessly along the shoreline.

This was the perfect way to end our day...

...relaxing on the beach as the sun set.
After climbing back up the cliffs at the lighthouse, this was the perfect way to end my night.

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