Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 2 The Good Neighbor Parade

The first Saturday in May is always The Good Neighbor Parade in my town. The parade is staged on my street so every year beginning about 10am all the marching bands are practicing in the church parking lot across the street from my house. I usually will check out a few floats or take a couple of pictures of the bands but I have never actually gone to the parade. I'm not the old curmudgeon you probably think I am. I have always enjoyed the fact that my town celebrates the arrival of spring by having a parade. It does have a 1950's feel to it and that is a good thing to me. We all live together in our little town. We probably have a lot more in common with each other than some people will admit. The parade does make all the residents get together for a couple of hours and hopefully new friendships are created. In the 16 years I've lived here the neighborhood has really changed and I'm not talking about the racial changes. This was an old town. We used to joke that houses only go for sale when someone dies. That is how we got our house and the neighbors on both sides moved into their grandparents houses. Over recent years, white flight has also made the neighborhood younger. I think it's a friendlier neighborhood with all the young people, unfortunately that makes us the old people on the block. Anyway, while watching the parade, I saw a group of friends with their kids so I joined them. Most of them grew up here and some now live elsewhere but they still get together for the parade. The kids were having fun collecting the candy thrown from most of the floats and cars in the parade. While walking home I came across my neighbors, Chrissy's sister Kimmie and my niece, Kristian. Just to prove the parade really does bring neighbors together. So here's some pictures of The Good Neighbor Parade with a few thoughts. The parade goes through the downtown area which has seen some businesses leave but also has some new businesses. We try to support these businesses because I love being able to walk to stores or walk the dogs downtown. Why does Lansing have a dive rescue? Is it for rescuing people from their flooded basements? It was just a coincidence that Eric was in the clown car picture. Isn't a smile from a little girl what a parade is all about? That is Nick's wife Karen with their adorable little girl, Jenna.

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