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December 16, 2011 Christmas In NYC Part 2

 In case you wonder what we do in NYC everytime we's blog will answer that question. We wander aimlessly. Today we started at Ground Zero. It is once again being called the World Trade Center site.
 Across the street is Liberty Plaza Park, now known as Zuccotti Park the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.
As you can see there is a huge police presence here, but the OWS people are no longer allowed to demonstrate here. Our government only supports protests and uprisings in other countries. They quickly squash them here in the supposed land of the free.
This is WTC Tower One.
While Chrissy shopped for shoes at Century 21, I strolled through the graveyard at Trinity Church where Alexander Hamilton is buried. The tombstone above is for someone who died in 1759.
The graveyard is surrounded by Wall Street businesses.
A very interesting walk at a beautiful church...
...that was once the tallest building in NYC.
City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan
It was a nice winter day...
...New Yorkers were enjoying the sunshine.
This man builds low budget hotels and has many code violations besides using non union labor.
Of course we stopped to pet these two Great Pyrenees who were out for a walk this fine morning.
We walked up to Chinatown where these losers were fighting over $2 sweaters...
...wait a minute what is my wife doing at the far end of the table. Damn tourist!
Canal Street where cultures meet.
Little Italy on Mulberry Street
Chinatown on Grand Street
We took the B train to Prospect Park where we ran into a common problem that plagues many cities during an economic downturn. The locals were begging. We had lunch with Chrissy's friend Terry, who is the animal curator at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn.
 After lunch we walked through downtown Brooklyn. Here is the Soldier's and Sailor's Arch at the Grand Army Plaza.
Then it was back into Manhattan for a stop at the Chelsea Market where we shopped at two pop up artist fairs. This cute juggler was outside the Jingle Market.
Another Christmas Art Fair brought us to Grand Central Station. We were hoping for a flash mob sing-a-long but no such luck for us.
After dinner in Brooklyn at Strong Place, we stopped for a late night snack at the Brooklyn Farmacy. Then we walked back to the Inn on Second. So that is how we spent our day in NYC.

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