Saturday, November 4, 2017

September 5, 2017 What?!! A Park Called Blow Me Down...Yes We Have To Go There.

We started our day at the classy old school Glynmill Inn...

...then we drove for over an hour along the Humber Arm on Route 450... this place. Why? Because we thought it was so funny that we had to visit this park.

 We couldn't enter the park because the ranger that collects the $10 ran to the post office.
But the maintenance guy did let us drive to the bathrooms while we waited.

Since there is a campground here, the bathroom building also has washers and dryers. We decided to do our laundry here. It was very windy and Chrissy decided this was the quickest way to dry her bras.

We finally found time to go hiking...

...straight up 420 stairs.

The view halfway up looking toward York Harbour.

There was a very strong wind up here...

...but the views were beautiful looking out toward the Bay of Islands...

...and toward Lark Harbour.

Two Americans enjoying their time in Canada.

Back down on the beach to relax...

...and smell the flowers.

Then we drove across the peninsula to Bottle Cove on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This many looped hike had lots of options...

...I told Chrissy I was starting at the beach...

...she either didn't hear me or decided ten days together was too much. Either way when I didn't see her on the beach or in the parking lot, I hiked along the boardwalk.

Then I hiked uphill for a great view of Bottle Cove.

This trail lead to a high cliff area with incredible views of the rocky shoreline.

I saw the staircase heading further uphill so I walked along the cliffs in that direction.

The higher I climbed the more impressive the views.

I finally found Chrissy...

...and she found me. Yes I am on the strip of grass in the middle.
It took me climbing uphill, then back downhill and back uphill to finally find Chrissy. Then we headed back into the forest together.

This is the staircase back into the forest. 

After a wonderful morning of laundry and hiking it is time to eat but this place was closed.

Thankfully, Marlaine's was open.

Chrissy always hoping to see a moose. So far this is all she has seen.

We have a long drive back through Corner Brook and across the island to Grand Falls-Windsor. But we love waterfalls.

It was a short hike to this impressive waterfall.

 Somewhere along Humber Arm we stopped again...

...because I must really love boats. Everyone has a boat here in Newfoundland. I guess my love of the ocean and being on the water is why we stopped at almost every harbour we saw on this trip.

While editing photos, I realized we stopped here and took pictures from the road of the other end of these boats.

Maybe it is the wonderful colors, all the unique equipment or the blue skies and blue water. Whatever it is, I love walking on the docks and taking photos.

What I don't love is driving, but I planned this trip to see the most we could in two weeks. Mission accomplished. So thank God we have satellite radio, put on the 70's channel, turn up the volume and let me sing along to every song..."Don't go breaking my heart, I couldn't if I tried..."!

We stayed at Hill Road Manor which is a beautiful old house owned by a wonderful couple. They suggested a few places to eat. We didn't eat here but I laughed when I saw this place because I am pretty sure I've never seen this combination of food choices. We did eat at 48 High and had a wonderful meal highlighted by mussels in an amazing sauce unlike any we've ever had served with mussels. After a lovely walk back through the neighborhood on a beautiful night, it was time for relaxing. So goodnight from the middle of Newfoundland.