Saturday, October 4, 2014

September 12, 2014 Riotfest and Rain (Concert #34)

Finally...Riotfest is here. New location, amazing lineup and Chicago's shitty weather even more shitty than I even imagined it could be...barely 50 degrees and it started raining right after we entered the northern half of Humboldt Park. So what, I'm here to have a good time. The first act we saw was !Vamos! on the Radical Stage. They had a heavy rocking melodic sound, good way to start our day.

The next band we saw was Plague Vendor...

...the band sounded good playing Cali punk but I loved the lead singer, Brandon Blaine....

...he was entertaining and made everyone remember their short set. I said the same thing about The Orwells lead singer the first time I saw them. 
Some people were just meant to front a punk band, this kid is one of them.

The best rain poncho I've ever seen.
This is Baby Baby. Another very good young band with entertaining stage presence. I really liked their songs. After seeing the youngsters play, we headed over to the Roots Stage to see some old timers play...Stiff Little Fingers. This Irish punk band started out in Belfast in 1977. The put the younger bands in their place by showing them how the original punk bands to it. I really liked their songs, admittedly I have heard of them but wasn't a big fan...until today. We were too far back to get a good picture. These guys definitely drew the biggest crowd so far today.

I love the punk cheerleader look.
A few shots walking over to the Rock Stage.

Christy dressed for the weather and ready to party.

Riotfest has the best crowds out of all the festivals I've been doesn't matter if you are a hardcore punk, a fashion punk, young or old punk, everyone gets along...I love that inclusive atmosphere for punk music. I know some people question each other's taste in what is or is not punk...but there really seems to be a positive vibe that this festival exists among the people attending.

Yes we are two old punks.

 After watching a little bit of Henry Rollins moderating a punk panel that included Greg Graffin of Bad Religion and the girls from Pussy Riot, we stopped for dinner at Big Fork.
We wanted to get up close for Gogol Bordello so we caught a few songs by Failure then we stayed here and listened to NOFX from the nearby Roots Stage.

An impressive and varied list of bands on this stage today.

There were no more pictures taken due to the steady falling of temperatures and rain for the rest of the night. It really did not stop anyone around us from having a great time. NOFX were fun as usual. Then one of the best live acts I've seen, Gogol Bordello put on an amazing set but way too short at 45 minutes. It was pouring during their set and the park was becoming a giant mud pit...speaking of pits...the mosh pit was several feet in front of us...anyone who fell was covered in mud...I couldn't help myself...I jumped in several times but was too old to stay in for more than a song or two...I never fell but was covered in mud anyway...I loved it. Moshing to the fast songs, singing along with everyone arm in arm during the the end of Gogol Bordello everyone was chanting "one more song" but festivals keep tight schedules. If someone told me I can only go to one last concert, it would be Gogol Bordello. If you love music, you should check out this band. We listened to the Offspring, grabbed some food and watched Jane's Addiction. I can't say I am a fan, unlike the fans around me, I only know the hit songs...but I was really enjoying their set. Chrissy not so much, so we headed over to the Rock Stage to see local favorites, Rise Against. I am always interested in listening to politically charged punk music, so this was a good way to end our day. Now get me to a warm car and dry clothes. I won't be at Riotfest tomorrow because I am DJing a friend's wedding, but Chrissy will be here...I am so proud of her...and jealous.

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