Monday, March 9, 2009

March 7 Give A Little, Get A Little

Last week, my friend Bernie stopped by after work and fixed my heater. It had been making a god awful noise when it ran. Bernie found the problem, called around, found the broken part and replaced it. It cost me $26. When Bernie wouldn't take any money for his time, we offered to take him & his wife, Susie out for dinner. We arranged for their daughters to play with our niece while we had dinner at Café Borgia. As with all of our friends with kids, it is damn near impossible to get them to go out for any social event. Now, when I was a kid, my parents would let anyone watch us so they could go out. Neighbors, neighborhood teenagers, strangers walking by, Manson Family members, it just didn't matter to them. And you know what, I don't blame them. I don't have kids and I need to get out a few times a week. So, we got our heater fixed and a nice night out with friends. That's how life should be, friends taking care of friends. Thanks to Kimmie for babysitting and Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff.

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