Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22 Break Out The Grill

Technically, I broke out the grill last weekend. But today I got a picture of it. Absolutely a beautiful spring day in Chicago. Sunny & about 65 degrees, maybe warmer. I worked around the house all day. I had windows open in an attempt to air the place out after our long cold winter. Those of you that live in cold climate areas, you understand how wonderful that first sign of spring can be. The neighborhood came alive today. People were walking their dogs, pushing baby carriages, kids were riding their bikes and lots of yard work was happily done due to the weather. You could smell the BBQ grills going all afternoon. The smell of summer. The trees are budding in the yard and thanks to my dogs, there are patches of green grass here & there in my yard. For one day, you could almost forget about all the bad news in the world as the rebirth of hope springs eternal. One last note, our hearts go out to the families of the Oakland police officers that died in the line of duty over the weekend.

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