Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 11 Fever Marlene

A few years ago, Cindy Lou and I went to the Double Door to see some live music. A band called Fever Marlene opened up for The Gufs. We both thought Fever Marlene were much better. Since then Cindy has driven to their hometown of Milwaukee to see them. Tonight we went to the Subterranean to see them open for Locksley. Once again they were better than the headliners. After the show we talked with Scott (pictured with Cindy) and Kevin, the duo that are Fever Marlene. They were both really down to Earth guys who happen to write great songs and put on a good show. I also talked music with Joseph, who is a booking agent and part owner of the Double Door so now I have a connection for free passes to the DD. On the way back to the subway, Cindy was looking for a friend but didn't get any takers. The "Drum Machines Have No Soul" sticker was on the drummer's case for the band, The Ivorys. It perfectly explains my point of view about music. We missed their set but the guys were so cool about moving their equipment around so I could get a picture, I bought their CD. And it rocks. Check them out at their Myspace page.

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