Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13 The Old Town Art Fair

I had a picture of our shitty weather for June 11th's blog but decided not to use it. I mention it now because today we planned on going to the Green City Market then to the Old Town Art Fair and the Wells Street Art Fair. We invited Chrissy's Great-Aunt, Ann. It was raining again this morning. June 13, 58 degrees and rain. Welcome to summer in the city. Ann said she'd go anyway. The rain got heavier and once we got into Lincoln Park it was like a swamp. We did make a quick run through the market, had freshly made crepes in the rain, bought a few items and swam back to the car. I had to turn on the heat to warm us up and dry us off. We drove around looking for a place to eat lunch and settled on Manny's Deli. Ann & I had the huge pastrami sandwiches. Chrissy had a veggie sandwich. At a Jewish deli, she gets a veggie sandwich. I filed for a divorce immediately. Then slowly the sun broke through the clouds. We jumped on the subway and went to the Old Town Art Fair. It actually felt warm in the sun. This fair is held in a great old neighborhood and includes a garden walk through some beautiful front & backyards. We talked with a bunch of artists. Ann had a couple laughing as she asked about their artistic process and she had me laughing as she critiqued others. When I found out it was Ann's first time on the subway, I wanted to get a picture but she was yelling at me "no more pictures" so I stopped. I've said it before and I'll say it again. She is really impressive. She is like a twenty year old in an eighty year old body. I love going places with her. She always makes me laugh.

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