Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21 God Works in Mysterious Ways

Many years ago I went to a concert with Chrissy's younger cousin Scottie and he brought along a friend named Martini. I never remember names but for an obvious reason this name stuck with me. Stay with me here, this story will get to a point eventually. Ever since we adopted a dog from the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago, we have volunteered to help the organization. One night I went to a Vietnam Vet's house for a home & yard inspection. He was looking to adopt a Pyr after putting down his long time buddy, King. His name is Wayne. Then there is a piece of human debris called Fred Phelps the leader of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. (Every Baptist organization says this church is not affiliated with them.) Recently I was talking to my mother about the condition of the world today. We have these conversations regularly. Religion came up and I reminded her about that fucking piece of crap from Kansas, I couldn't remember his name at the time. Today, I heard someone on the news saying 'God works in mysterious ways' while describing some kind of tragedy. Then I had a strange thought that I will get to soon. So back to the characters mentioned above. About three years ago, I heard a kid named Martini from my town was killed in Iraq. I asked Scottie and he said it was his friend Tony's brother, Phillip. Then I read that at his funeral that Fred Phelps and his mentally deficient followers were protesting that soldier's were killed in Iraq because of America's tolerance of gays. Just so you are clear on this twisted logic, they don't protest just at gay soldiers' funerals but at all soldier funerals. They stand there and yell anti gay slogans at families burying their military sons. That same week, I met Wayne. When I saw his modified Harley (he was shot in Vietnam and still has a severe limp) I asked where he had ridden lately. He told me to Philip Martini's funeral. It turns out he was a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. A fantastic motorcycle club of mostly veterans that will come as invited guests to any soldiers funeral and shield the family from douche bags like Fred Phelps. He told me when Phelps started using electronic megaphones (due to new laws keeping protesters 200 yards from a military funeral), the bikers slowly rev their engines to drown him out. I asked Wayne why they didn't just beat the shit out of the protesters, he smiled and replied "we are strictly non violent." Too bad. Now to my thought today, maybe God does work in mysterious ways. It seems to me that God's most fervent followers are complete fucking idiots. His fanatic followers refuse to believe in evolution even though if God did create the world, logic says that he also created evolution, right? My logic tells me God does this on purpose so we don't believe the crap these followers are constantly spewing in his name. You see my God hates these motherfuckers using his name to promote their vile hatred, misguided ideas and quotes taken out of context from the Bible. Hopefully my God is vengeful and my Heaven is an eternity of watching God torture these sorry bastards and here's why they deserve the wrath of my God. (Note: I took these pictures from other websites, I hope they don't mind. As for the young soldier Philip Martini, I thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country and I hope your heaven is what you hoped it would be.)


  1. Greg i couldnt agree with you more...and if you ever want to change it up a little and beat the shit out of those assholes call ill go with you

  2. Amazing. How on earth can you connect dead soldiers to gay rights? Someone needs to "off" that asshole in Kansas.