Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16 Signs Of Spring

68 degrees, damn it felt good to be outside today. Spring was everywhere today. Blue Skies. Sunshine. Doves on the wires. Cardinals singing in the trees. A smile on everyone's face. A good day to be alive. It's also a good time to let you know that Chrissy will be at the Earth Day Celebration this Saturday April 18th at the Sand Ridge Nature Center in Dolton, IL. She will be there all day and will give talks throughout the day about polar bears and global warming. She has been promoting Polar Bears International all year at different events. So come on out Saturday, bring the kids and enjoy a nice day at Sand Ridge. The park has some nice hiking trails through the woods and their will be children’s puppet shows, a kid’s craft, wildflower walks, special interpretive displays, exhibitors, and more. I guess Chrissy is the "and more".

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