Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 4, 2014 "Lord have mercy on your soul" - It's Vintage Trouble (Concert #36)

I fell in love with this band after seeing their video for "Not Alright By Me". 

Being a fan of music, I bought their CD, "Bomb Shelter Sessions" right after seeing this video. Every song on the CD blew me away. Then I saw they were the opening act for The Who in Chicago and I was impressed. The night they opened for The Who, they also played a late show at the Beat Kitchen. I was there. The show was so amazing. I never saw anything like it. The energy, the music, the showmanship, the interacting with the crowd, the dancing. Pure entertainment on every aspect of the show. I am only guessing here but it was the closest thing to seeing a James Brown show in the 1960's that I will ever see. I saw them again last year and had the same reaction.

The Soul Selector Tom "Papa" Ray opened for Vintage Trouble spinning old blues and soul records, yes vinyl records, for our listening pleasure. 

Vintage Trouble is a high energy show. Ty Taylor never stops moving and the camera I brought with doesn't do well in low light...

...apparently no one in the band ever stands still. We were right up front for the show and these were the best shots I got. I gave up taking pictures then... 

...the band just released an EP of acoustic songs and decided to play them in the same way they were recorded. This was just as good as the rest of the show. I love acoustic bass guitars as much as I enjoy hearing the vocals over quieter music. This is one of the tightest bands I've ever seen. They seem to  enjoy playing music together and that makes the show so much better for the fans. After the show, they have always greeted the fans at the merch table and genuinely seem grateful for the support of their fans.

I had a few minutes as the exhausted crowd made their way to the exits...

....please check out this band if you enjoy music that comes from the soul and can make you feel so good you can't help but dance. I will see them again in a few weeks at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas...a perfect festival for Vintage Trouble to play.

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