Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 10, 2014 Alpine Thunder at Lansing's Autumn Fest (Concert #37)

Our little village tries really hard to keep that "hometown" feeling alive for all the residents. I applaud all they do to bring together the people of Lansing. Today Chrissy & I are walking down the street to attend Autumn Fest. We are going to see Alpine Thunder. Judging by Chrissy's hoodie, she thinks they are some kind of Nordic death metal band.

It turns out they are a traditional German band. I got a little worried because the only words I understood from the first couple of songs were "Heil! Heil! Heil!". But it turns out they play German folk and drinking songs.

The accordion player was really good but looked pissed off the whole time.

Chrissy was having fun. We both have German ancestors and Chrissy's lived right here in Lansing when most of the town was either German or Dutch.
The band even had people dancing. Maybe they were just trying to stay warm because the temperature tonight made it seem more like a Winter Fest.

Now I love a band with a horn section....

....but this band has the biggest horn section I have ever seen...

....they went around the Fest playing at several tables for the crowd. Overall, it was an enjoyable set of German music. When I decided to try to see 50 concerts this year, I never imagined one of the bands would only sing in German. But that's what is so great about seeing live music. Sometimes it is something completely different and you find a new band to love.  

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