Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 16, 2014 Gaslight Anthem at the Aragon (Concert #39)

So a couple months ago I get a call from a good friend that I rarely see...
Jim: Hey Gregg, can you drag your vagina out on a Thursday night to see Gaslight Anthem?
Me: Yes I can. Will your sorry limp dick ass jump in the mosh pit with me?
Jim: No!
Me: OK who has a vagina now? I'll go with you anyway.

So that is how Jim & I ended up standing in front of the Aragon Ballroom tonight after having dinner at a local pizzeria and a beer at the Uptown Lounge.

If you haven't been to the Aragon in the past 10 years, I recommend you check it out. The new owners have restored the place and it is a beautiful place to see a show. 

The opening act was the very talented Cory Branan. He played an acoustic solo set and sounded good in the cavernous Aragon. He even joked about playing songs that took advantage of the echo. I saw him at Fitzgerald's earlier this year and loved his set. He has a new CD called "No-Hit Wonder". I would recommend any of his records.

I saw the next band at Riot Fest two years ago. I thought they were pretty good. Jim is a fan of Against Me and by the end of their blistering set...I was a fan too.

I really enjoyed the live version of this song.

They didn't play this 'love' song but I found it on you tube and loved it.

I also loved this song live. By now most people know that the lead singer of Against Me decided to stop living his life as a man. I am glad that it didn't seem to matter to the huge crowd that was singing along to every was all about the music and punk rock fans are the most inclusive group of music fans that I know. Sure, there are some punk snobs who think they are the only ones to say who is punk and who isn't but if the music is right, nothing else matters to them. That's how it should be.

I am a huge fan of Brian Fallon's lyrics and the band Gaslight Anthem. I've seen them several times in the past few years. I love this band and they sounded great tonight. My only complaint is the One Direction light show that distracted me from the music. I love a good light show with my music. I know Gaslight Anthem has a few more dollars due to their success. But who talked them into that shitty light setup. Alright , I am off my soapbox now. 

This is the song that made me fall in love with this band. Six years later I still listen to this CD at least once a month just to "hear my favorite song one last time".

The band rocked through a short set due to the all ages show school night curfew of 10pm. But they were on top of their game and played most of the songs you'd expect.

The latest single from GA. I love this one. Maybe it's the line about moving to California or the line about doing your worst to me...I don't know for sure...I just know this song resonates with me.

When they broke into The Who's "Baba O'Riley" during the encore, I was disappointed. I wanted to hear another one of their songs. But they did The Who proud. By the end of the song, a roadie was playing guitar and Brian was bashing on the drums, the place was going wild and I was screaming along " teenage wasteland...we're all wasted". 

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