Thursday, November 3, 2011

October 1, 2011 Goodbye America, Hello Canada

We headed into Glacier for one last time after a great breakfast at the Glacier Park Inn B&B.
 We hiked along McDonald Creek. There was a trail in the woods along the creek
and it was possible to hike along the shoreline among the rocks.
It was a cloudy morning with rain at times and then the sun would break through the clouds.
 We have a five hour drive up to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia... we hiked for a couple of hours...
 ...up and down the creek.

 I love the sound of rushing water.
 Obviously the views changed drastically when the sun came out.

 Chrissy enjoying the views.

Now it is off to Canada...
 ...but first a quick stop to get pictures for my friend and fellow blogger, Adam.
Adam loves his whiskey so when we drove by this place I had to stop...the things I do for a friend.
 We stopped in Whitefish, Montana for lunch. The Canadian Border Guard asked us what we did for a living. He just nodded when I said I fix gas pumps and he got all excited when Chrissy said zookeeper. He let me in anyway.
 We did stop along the Columbia Wetlands which I believe is along the Rocky Mountain Trench.
It was a cloudy day and not very scenic along this drive north. We did end the day at Helna's Stube in Radium Hot Springs where I had some incredible schnitzel covered in mushrooms. My German grandfather would be so proud. We are hoping for sunshine tommorrow.

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