Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 9,2014 Hanging With My Cousin in New Orleans and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band (Concert #12)

My cousin Laura drove in from Eunice this morning and met us for breakfast at Cake. We spent the day walking along Magazine Street in the Garden District.

Laura repeatedly refused to have her picture taken.

 A few shots of graffiti, bumper stickers and signs that amused me.

 Hung outside a shoe repair store

This was outside a fire house on Magazine Street. Chrissy posed because she has had to get rabies shots for her  job.
 Finally got my cousin to agree to be photographed.
Chrissy made a list of places to eat in NOLA. Mahony's was on the list so we had lunch here.

After spending the afternoon enjoying the absolutely perfect weather, we headed back to Marigny. Then to the French Quarter for dinner at Iris. I can't remember what I had but I do remember it was really good. Then we stood in line for the 10pm show at Preservation Hall. We got in and had front row seats...well we had mats...we had to sit on the floor...and the band was sitting right in front of us...unfortunately, no photos were allowed. I took the one below before the band came in.

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band was fantastic. Several members sang songs and all of them were great musicians. The tuba player, Ronell Johnson, sang a rousing version of "Dear Lord (Give Me The Strength)" that was definitely a crowd favorite. He also posed for pictures outside after the show...
 ...but Chrissy must of had too much to drink today.
 We walked through the French Quarter and grabbed a voodoo daiquiri at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar on our way to Frenchmen Street...

...we passed "Touchdown Jesus" on the way.
We ended the night at the Blue Nile with the Caesar Brothers ft. Red Hawk Hunters Indians. We only caught a few songs while we finished our drinks but it was a good way to end our day. Now some much needed sleep because the French Quarter Festival starts tomorrow.

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