Sunday, July 25, 2010

June 16 A Shitty Day

I spent the morning editing pictures. I did this at the laundromat where I had trouble with the machines and I'm sure the Chinese ladies working there were goofing on me. While waiting on the washers,  I had breakfast at Frank's Deli. When I walked in the lady behind the counter was cursing at the meter maid and someone in the back, then she turns to me and says "What can I get ya, sweetie?". I had an omelet and edited more pictures. I didn't get to Coney Island until 2pm. It was empty due to the weather. It was a chilly gray day. I found Andy at Ruby's Bar on the boardwalk. There was hardly anyone there. The amusement area was half closed due to the lack of customers. I must have been hungry because I took pictures of food for awhile. Then I walked down the boardwalk to West 33rd Street. The lifeguards were out wearing orange parkas but no one was on the beach except some people in white robes chanting. I had nothing so I walked back on the shoreline and took pictures of them. I had no motivation today. Lack of sleep, dreary conditions. I really didn't feel like taking pictures for the first time in my life. I ran into Handen, Steven and Gyula at different times and everyone felt the same way today. Handen & I were leaving about 8pm when the fog rolled in, I should have gotten off the train to take pictures but I didn't. I went to the Carrol Gardens Classic Diner and had dinner while watching the Mets game. Here's today's pictures.

Stillwell Avenue Subway Station
Andy Levin at Ruby's
Nathan's Hot Dogs
Shish Kebob's at Pete's Clam Stop
Pete's Clam Stop
"This monument honors Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese: teammates, friends, and men of COURAGE and CONVICTION. Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Reese supported him, and together they MADE HISTORY. In May 1947, on Cincinnati's Crosley Field, Robinson endured RACIST TAUNTS, jeers and DEATH THREATS that would have broken the SPIRIT of a lesser man. Reese, captain of the Brooklyn Dodgers, walked over to his teammate Robinson and STOOD BY HIS SIDE, silencing the taunts of the crowd. This simple gesture CHALLENGED PREJUDICE and created a powerful and enduring friendship." Inscribed on the base of the statue at the Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium
PETA put this on the corner where Ringling Bros Circus was set up.

These people chanted on the beach for hours.
Fishing on the pier
a quiet moment on the pier
my favorite game in Coney Island. you shoot paintballs at a guy running around with hockey pants and a chest protector while the carny tells you to shoot the freak in the balls 
someone's always taking pictures on the boardwalk

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