Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 23 Easy Money

6 lbs of aluminum cans
18 lbs of sheet aluminum
58 lbs of copper wire
8 lbs of cast aluminum
29 lbs of brass
320 lbs of iron scrap
That is what I recycled today at Metro Recyclers. I got enough money to pay for a dinner for two at Café Borgia. Every bit of that would have been thrown in the garbage. For the past few years, I have taken anything recyclable from my house or my job and filled up several cans with this garbage. When the cans get full I take them to the scrap yard and make a few spare dollars. It doesn't take much time or space and I can feel like I'm doing something productive. Try it yourself and I'll meet you at Café Borgia which just happens to be across the street from a former garbage dump.

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