Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15 The Car Wash

This winter has been extremely harsh on our cars. The potholes have been huge & numerous. The salt has coated the car most of the winter. So while running errands with my dogs, I decided to run my car through the car wash. I can remember being so excited as a kid to go through a car wash. The ones with a chain that pulled your car through the tunnel as the water sprayed, then the soap, the the big spinning cloth wheels just whipping around the car. It must not have been an exciting childhood, if the car wash was a big deal. So what, I was a dork. I liked going to the car wash. I actually worked at one when I lived in Cincinnati. The highlight of that job was when the Feds came and took away one of the kids that worked there. No one knew why & I never found out. He never came back either. So today, I took pictures in the car wash. It was the kind where you pull in and stop. Then the machine moves around your car. Not as exciting as I remember. I guess my life has improved a bit since I was a child. My dogs were just mad I rolled up the windows during the wash.

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