Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22 My Dog Day

It has been too long since I took my dogs out for a walk in the woods. So early this morning, they realized I wasn't going to work. The each took turns trying to wake me up. I eventually gave up trying to get some sleep and bundled up for a day with my dogs. It is a beautiful sunny day so I brought my camera for the walk. We hiked through Brownell Woods. (Note to Cook County Forest Preserve, why are all the parking lots blocked off in Thornton?) Oslo found fresh deer tracks in the snow and was frantic to follow them. Fluffy did her usual slow pace about 20 feet behind us. There was a sign that spring is coming, I heard birds chirping today. During the winter, I only hear the occasional woodpecker at work. I did see a woodpecker going at a tree last year on a bitterly cold day. I don't know enough about birds to know if they usually migrate or not. The only other sounds I hear are the twigs snapping when the deer run or the train whistle from nearby tracks. Today we walking along the tracks then through a field back to the car. The picture is of the backside of the Thornton Quarry. I think it is the biggest limestone quarry in the world. After we got home, both dogs passed out in the living room, so I took a nap on the couch. I'm going to spend my day just like my dogs. So goodbye for now, I gotta go pee in the yard. Happy Birthday to my German Grandfather, he would have been 92 today.


  1. greg i just realized how much you and fluffy have in common her 20 feet behind just like you behind the rest of your hockey line