Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013 My Social Club Idea

I still love that movie. So what does the Breakfast Club have to do with today's blog? Well, I am using this clip to introduce my idea for a social club and because it means something to a dork like me. So here's  my idea...once a month I would like to invite everyone to spend a night out...some kind of get together...nothing special...I just think that people don't spend enough time sitting with friends...face to face...over a meal or drinks just talking, laughing, catching up and telling stories about their lives. Let me explain in more detail, I have fond memories from throughout my life of spending time with friends and family sitting around a table, hanging out in the yard or on the stoop...doing nothing but enjoying the company. In the past two months, I've had several nights out that convinced me I need to do this more often. My birthday dinner with Debbie & George over fantastic food and multiple pitchers of sangria was the most fun I've had all year. Then I spent two days with one of my favorite people to talk to over dinner and drinks, my Aunt Maryann. I spent a beautiful December night walking and talking around Williamsburgh with my friend, Marie. I spent Christmas Eve with friends who are like family to me, the Drescher family. Last week, I finally had dinner with close friends that I haven't seen in a year, Todd & Vickie. I probably haven't laughed that much since the last time we got together. So that is why I've decided to try this...I haven't come up with the perfect name...the 1950's Social Club...the Anti Social Club...the Social Club for Dorks...or maybe just the Social Club sounds it whatever you like. If you are interested  please send me your e-mail address to or friend me on facebook. So here's how I imagine this working...each month I will announce the details, if you can make it, let me know...if not maybe next month. I would like to get a list of everyone who is interested in this idea so I can decide the best way to make this work for everyone interested.

So here is this month's idea...January 23rd at 7pm at the Warsaw Inn in Lynwood, IL. I chose this place because it has really good food at very reasonable prices...$12.95 per person on Wednesday nights. It is also an all you can eat buffet of homemade Polish food so if we happen to have a big group we can table hop easily. So if you plan on attending please let me know otherwise Chrissy & I will be eating dinner...alone...again. Hope to see you there.


  1. You are so cute!! Would love to join you guys. Perhaps I can get my mom too.

  2. And, we ARE your family :)

    1. I know but if I wrote my family people would think I was talking about my parents and I didn't spend Christmas with them.