Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 25, 2011 Great American Backyard Campout

My Backyard   Lansing, IL

Today is the Great American Backyard Campout. It is an attempt to get kids into camping which I strongly support but we don't have any kids. So we borrowed our niece, Kristian. I set up the backpacking tent that I own but have never used except here in my yard. Maybe this campout is to get old people into camping too. A couple of years ago, Chrissy & Kristian slept in the tent in my yard, so technically I never have used this tent. And I'm not gonna use it tonight either. The girls are sleeping out here tonight.

The Fanook & I might sleep on the hammock...who am I kidding? We'll be sleeping on a nice comfortable bed. But first....

...S'MORES cooked on an open fire...

...why the goofy face, Chrissy?... I know...flaming hot marshmallow and molten chocolate squirting across your tongue is not's pretty fucking painful.

After the s'mores, the fire died out and the girls spent the night in the tent and I slept comfortably in my bed. The End.

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